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little suggestions for developers

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    little suggestions for developers

    First, i am making this hoping some of the game's developers will look at it now and then. This is not a thread for suggesting big things like summons, battle mechanics or basically anything that matters. This is just little ideas to pitch at the developers to consider for making the game more interesting when they have time.

    Since he uses multiple gatling guns, why not make one of them look like the shortened front end of a Barrett M107 rifle.

    A popular ff7 internet joke that begs for fan service. I know it's comon in JRPGs to be able to overhear a conversation you are not involved in by approaching one of the participants and pressing the action button. If the remake has this feature, it would be fun to have such a sequence (perhaps in rocket town) where a man is standing in front of his house talking with two of those black robed people. Approach them and press action to observe a conversation in which the black robed people are trying to convince the man to worship Sephiroth and/or Jenova like door to door evangelists.

    Throw in an optional scene where Aeris fires one of Vincent's guns and gets knocked down by the recoil. Perhaps if she and Vincent are both in the party when you find the gun, a cut scene is triggered where she fires it, gets knocked down and hands it to him after she recovers.

    Ok, allot of jokes about how femenin Sephiroth looks. How about in the back in time scene, have an optional scene (like Jenovas witness suggestion) where Sephiroth gets flirted with by a guy in Nibelheim only to be shocked and surprised when he hears Sephiroth's voice.

    How about a scene in the haunted mansion where a mouse is looking at Cait Sith in terror while Cait Sith appears to be relaxed and comfortable. Maybe during the conversation Cait Sith has with the party in the lounge, have a little mouse in a corner looking at Cait Sith with a spooked expression. In other words, Cait Sith is the one doing the haunting in the haunted mansion.

    I will add more later. Feel free to add your own suggestions folks. Remember, this is for little stiff that doesn't effect the story, game mechanics or layout.
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