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level 8 - safety rating

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    Question level 8 - safety rating

    Hello Beach Lifers, has anyone got any tips for me on level 8 its doing my head in!!!! to say the least. Ive done the 30 grand bit im on day 8 of 10 and can get the safety rating up to 4 stars.
    I built 12 life guard towers 2 police stations 5 mechanic stations loads of first aid stations. and the stars just wont budge that extra bit to complete it. AGGGGGHGHHHHH tips pls.


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    Question don't know what I did

    I actually beat it, but I have no idea how or why. I got by with one Security Office, one First Aid Station and a normal number of Lifeguard Towers.

    It seems that if it once hits the fourth star, it counts.

    Do the Security Office (with round the clock shifts) and First Aid early when the number of guests is lower. That seems to be what worked.

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    The secret is to not let anyone get eaten by sharks, or to allow any fights by drunken people to break out. Use the lifeguard towers to close beaches as soon as sharks are spotted (white dots on your mini map). I actually played the game through once just to note down when the sharks appear so when I went back and played it I knew in advance when to shut the beaches. I place all my alcohol selling areas together and then stick one or two security stations next door (on either side) and then sell only Cape Horn or Smileys. As the rest will lead to sadness, fighting or vandalism.


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    dont forget u can also change how often the machanics fix each building up, so i like to set them all to about every 4 hours or maybe less if it just doesnt cut it, works best if u have at least 2 machanics buildings going other wise they stress out.
    havnt gotten the money part yet myself but i shall get there... any tips?

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    what i did for that is to build things that have high re-sell value and build them and then as soon as that closck hits 0:00 i start demolishing and it works out quite well!