This Happen with my Ending on Life is Strange : Before the Storm so i needed to check on Youtube every Ending. Sadly, whatever i try ( start a new save file/ reload the save file ) it Keep Freezing after i the Game ask me the last Question.
SAME happen now on Farewell Episode. Until it's out im not able to play it, it freeze everytime on exact the same Moment.
"Life is Strange: Before the Storm.exe isn't Responding" I chioce everytime to wait for the Programm to load but it will nothing happen.
I'm waiting now for 30 min and nothing will load here. This is really sad for me to Encounter because Youtube is full with Videos but i want play it for my own.
Shall i complete install it new? - Or will this not help with the Problem iv'e got, because i saw on other Posts with Simular Problem that this cannot fixed by the Player probably.
Pls help me or tell me what i can do, if there are possibility's.