Man its going to be amazing! Trailer looks absolutely stunning and knowing the developers in charge know what they are veterans who have proven their merit many a times puts worries to rest.

One thing i do hope for, tho is and i know its been said by a million people at this point but id like to see Aerith live this time around. Sure its not the way it was last time around and people keep yelling 'it will ruin the story'; 'it has to happen' but i think its an opportunity for a bold reimagining. Im sure there are a hundred ways around every problem. In a world where meteors can be summoned from space i think its possible to keep the last bastion of hope alive and still save the day.

FF7 is a world beloved by many with characters we came to like and care for, - for ages people wanted a remake and now we are getting one, its a chance to square enix to create a world people will once again be very passionate about, both developers and players and in process rake in a lot of cash not only on game sale but on the merchandise aswell. And just like in that 'aerith lives dlc for 49.99usd' there is an opportunity here, im not suggesting milking the fans for the money which would be a disastrous move, im talking about future, a world without hope is done for.

Just financially speaking keeping aerith alive in a meaningfull way will net way more profits. While back in the day the story about a tragic death of a character we cared about resonated sharply since it was so sudden and we were hopeless to do jack about it, now its just another day. Daily terrorism, shootups, our own governments betraying us time and time again, - we know we can do all to protect those we love and care for, Aerith getting killed is not going to have even a fraction of impact this time around, not to mention even toddlers already possess the knowledge of her demise. Not having her die would be the correct direction both story wise and financially, since it opens up opportunities for the future.

Game getting resolved in a 'happy end' would also be nice, life is already grim enough, we have barely anything to look forward to in real life and at this point i struggle to even recall last time i saw a genuinely good/happy ending in a videogame that i remotely cared about. I sat here for 10 minutes trying to recall one but i couldnt, every time and every ending there was something that prevented it from mass effects, kotors and dragon age to sunrider, aod, deus ex, metal gear, xcom, prey, divinity the list is endless not one has a happy ending.

But its just my view on it, i have full confidence in the team making the new ff7 and will support whatever they create no matter what, its just i would much rather prefer some outcomes rather then others.

Oh! Hope there are some figurines and dakkis on realease, never had any of either but id like to have a tifa dakki and an aerith figurine.
Godspeed guys! You got this! <3