I'm new to the game and I like chasing leaderboards. I just replayed "Mountain Peak" at Tomb Raider difficulty with the following result:

2844 Points, 5:44, 0 deaths.

5:44 is not even good, it doesn't give you any of the speed runner challenges (which are 5:15, 5:05 and 4:55). However if I look at the Top 100 leaderboard on Xbox One most of them are having more than 0 deaths, are even slower than my time, played on Adventure difficulty and yet they have around 10.000 Points although they didn't use any Cards.

How can they have so much points which such bad results? Shouldn't be the fastest player with 0 death at highest diffuclty be at place 1? What can you even do in "Mountain Peak" to gain scores anyway else than time and number of deaths as there is nothing there to do (no things to collect or kill)? 10.000 seems impossible - is the leaderboard basically a bunch of cheaters?