Hello guys,

as you can see in the title I'm playing the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union X. Right at the beginning I connected it to my Twitter-Account, because I didn't want to lose my progress.
Well, as I tried to install a different App on my smartphone I discovered that the it didn't have enough storage for this application. So I uninstalled KHUX, because I had it save on my Twitter-Account. Well.... that's what I thought.
A short time ago I tried to reinstall KHUX, but it just showed (and is still showing) me the following message (I translated it, so there may be some errors in the grammar):

"There is no game data registered with this account.
Please try another account. If you do not know the account that saved game data, please contact us from the inquiry window in game.

I tried to connect my Twitter-Account several times, but there's always the message. So I tried to act out like there was written: Nothing.

I really don't want to start anew..
I have all skins I wanted to possess, my character is on lvl 303 (almost lvl 304), it's one of a few English speaking characters, I have 9/15 Keyblades, and I'm waiting (at quest 780) for the story progress.
(Oh, and the Screenshots my friends send me are showing that my Twitter-Account IS connected with the game.)

Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

If there is someone, thanks priori uu