Thread: insufficient disk space. save game trouble

insufficient disk space. save game trouble

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    insufficient disk space. save game trouble

    after 40 hours of play and 4 save files plus 1 trial save and the auto save, I get this screen when i try and leave every area, including making a new game, and trying to save at a crystal just fails. anybody else have this issue?

    Insufficient disk space,
    In order to create a save game, at least 100KB of free space is required.

    the game was working fine for days, and 40 hours of play, and the only thing i've been doing on the computer is playing this game until now.
    windows 10 admin account, core i7, gtx 970, 12 gigs of ram, 512gig ssd with 350gigs free. and the game had been running just fine.

    though there does also seem to be a bug with the equip screen crashing the game occasionally and dumping the entire contents of ram to a .dmp file (6-8 gigs large) which needs to be manually deleted, which is pretty absurd that should only be a thing with beta's for debugging not the final exe.

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    That sounds insane. I'm not familiar with this bug but if you want it to stop dumping ram into that file you could try making a file with the same name in place of that one and removing the ability to read/write to it.