Thread: So I'm finally playing FFXII

So I'm finally playing FFXII

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    So I'm finally playing FFXII

    Bought it years ago. Then my PS2 bought it before I got around to playing it. Think around four years of "I can't be arsed".

    So I've just got a PC powerful enough to handle PCSX2 and I'm running through FFXII. A few questions.

    1. WTF is this "gambit" crap all about?

    2. Will PCSX2 * and moan if I rip the disc to an ISO? Indeed, can I even rip it? I recall PS1 discs being tricky.

    3. Can I reverse the right analog stick? "Turn left to turn right" is a bit retarded.

    4. Are all these stones I'm finding good for anything other than selling?

    5. What else should I know?


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    I don't have all the answers to all your questions but at least part of the answer for your question #4. Stones can be used for all kinds of situations and there is a whole host of things to discover as you gain more experience with the game. Take for example the wind stone which you need in order to create your javelin. It is basically infused with the power of the wind.

    So to your point, I wouldn't take stones so lightly and consider them only as a trade item. They're a significant part of the who FF universe and we could write volumes on their meaning and the part they play in the overall quest.

    As for question #3, unfortunately, at least to my knowledge, no you can't. But maybe someone else has a different experience.

    As for the gambit question, again... lots to say about that too. In fact, there's a whole guide you can read about using gambits within a battle context. I highly suggest you read this pretty elaborate guide to using gambits in FFXII

    Hope this helps a bit even though it doesn't fully answer all your questions.

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    1: Gambits are basically auto selections for your allies. So the computer will control them instead of you. You can set things to like Use a healing potion when below certain health amount and stuff. Setting up gambits properly will help out immensely.

    2: I'm not sure what i can link here but if you search "rip ps2 game to iso" you can prolly find a solution. There are also places to download these old games like emuparadise but the legality of it could be a problem for you. I'm not sure why you want to play the old version since they released an HD version called FF12: The Zodiac Age which has many improvements over the original including an autosave function and extra license boards and stuff. It is probably much easier to render with a computer also because it isn't emulated.

    3: On PCSX2 you can remap your controller buttons. Just switch left and right in the menu.

    4: They are used to unlock low tier bazaar items, most people just sell them.

    5: The game mechanics get pretty complex and there is certain armor and weapons you will want to purchase when you come across them in order to take down certain bosses. Check Gamefaqs for walkthroughs and stuff if you need in depth information. I haven't played the game in like 10 years but am about to play the newer version.