Hi! A few years back I purchased and tried out Final Fantasy XIV. I did not have a lot of time to spend playing the game, so I eventually returned it. I purchased the game again two days ago excited to play the complete edition. I came home, threw the game into the console, and began the download. Of course while downloading I decided to enter the promo code into PlayStation Network to activate the game for online play, so that I would be ready to play once the download finished. Once I started up the game, I unfortunately discovered that my old Square Enix account was locked to my PlayStation Network account. I cannot remember the password for my old Square Enix account, nor the email address I used. Due to this, I am unable to log into my old Square Enix account and play Final Fantasy XIV. I am not concerned about my old account and characters, I just really want to play this game. I have already created a new Square Enix account, but due to using my code on this PlayStation Network account, and being unable to remember my old information, I cannot play the $63 game that I just purchased yesterday. I contacted Square Enix through their chat support and was told that due to it being a PlayStation Network code, I must go through Sony's technical support. I quickly contacted Sony's web chat support, only to find that they cannot transfer or remove a code that has been redeemed through PlayStation Network. I am unsure of what else to do. Am I just out $63 and not allowed to play this game? If someone could provide any assistance whatsoever I would greatly appreciate it. I am really not sure what else to do.