Ill keep this as concise as possible: The past 3 Elusive Targets have been buggy as all *.
The Prince kept magically alerting security via telekinesis every time I got within the same Canadian province as him, but I didnt complain because it mananged to work itself out and I got my Silent Assassin.

The Sensation would take a sip of his drink ONCE and then proceed to spend the next however-long-it-took-me-to-get-frustrated-and-restart-the-contract-AGAIN standing in one spot, chain smoking, and pestering the same waiter every 30 seconds about shellfish. But I didnt complain because it worked itself out and I managed to get my SIlent Assassin.

Then came the GunRunner today. I spent an hour and a half devising a cute little method that allowed me to successfully pacify every single armed guard down in the parking garage. and thats what I did. SO SOMEONE *** EXPLAIN TO ME WHY, IF THE TARGET AND I WERE THE ONLY TWO CONSCIOUS *** PEOPLE IN THE PARKING GARAGE, DID SOMEONE MAGICALLY NOTICE THE LETHAL SYRINGE KILL?! If victims of Lethal Poison kills DO NOT COUNT AS FOUND BODIES WHEN THEY ARE FOUND, THEN WHY DID IT IMPACT MY RATING THAT SOMEONE ON THE FAR SIDE OF THE CONSULATE, oh, AND ON THE THIRD GODDAMN FLOOR MAGICALLY NOTICE THE KILL BY PEERING INTO A CRYSTAL *** BALL??

Now I know it would be stupid to have included a method that allows you to reset Elusive Targets for people who have legitimate issues that BREAK THE GODDAMN GAME, foresight not really being Square Enix's strongsuit and all that, but Im gonna go ahead and float the idea that you INCLUDE A FEATURE JUST SUCH AS THAT.

But you wont, because youre all busy pouring your sexual frustrations into designing more pretty pretty Squeenix boys for Final Fantasy Eleventy-***-Billion.5