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FFVII Remake: Battle System Analysis

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    FFVII Remake: Battle System Analysis

    I read on some portals that next week Square Enix will release new information about FFVII Remake (most likely on January 31 when the original game was released in Japan, on the 21st anniversary). So before we get new information about the FFVII Remake, I will make a brief analysis of the battle system.

    I have analyzed the most recent image of the battle system (consider that all this is just a hypothesis).

    From this image we can see that there are two ways of attack: a normal attack by pressing X, and a heavy attack by pressing triangle when the ATB gauge is charged. ATB gauge has three segments, each for one level (max. Lv. 3), and most likely each level represents a unique heavy attack. The question is what will be a heavy attack? In the original, the Limit Abilities were divided into four levels: first, second and third levels had two abilities, while the fourth level has only one ability. I can assume that some of the Limit Abilities will be part of a heavy attacks, while others will be part of Limit attacks. For example: in the original, Cloud's Limit Abilities were for Lv. 1 Braver and Cross-slash, Lv. 2 Blade Beam and Climhazzard, Lv. 3 Meteorain and Finishing Touch, Lv.4 Omnislash. In Remake, heavy attacks will be for Lv. 1 Braver, Lv. 2 Blade Beam and Lv. 3 Meteorain, while Limit Abilities will be Cross-slash, Climhazzard, Finishing Touch and Omnislash. Also, Limit gauge has three segments and when they are charged then you can use Limit most likely with L2 or R2, and when you press L2 or R2 there will be a special menu to choose Limit Abilities.

    Another thing that was interesting in this image is Battle menu. On this image, Battle Menu consists of attack, magic, materia and item. All you most likely noticed 'materia'. In the first released image of the battle system, the Battle Menu was different (attack, magic, summon, items, defend). In the new Battle Menu there is no more summon and defend options, which may mean that the summon is chosen from the Materia option, while the defense is achieved by pressing square.

    This is my analysis of the battle system and I'm just wondering if one of the hypotheses will be correct.

    Since I prefer a turn-based battle system, then maybe a better choice for the battle system could be CTB from FFX or ATB from FFX-2, or a combination of both. It might be more interesting if you could replace the characters in active party with a characters outside the active party, like in FFX. This means that in active party you have Cloud, Barret and Tifa, and at one point in battle you decide to replace Barret with Aeris or Red XIII who are outside the active party.

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    Based on square's behavior, who's in charge, their claimed views about design in the present and what they have said about their choices in remaking ff7, i think it is very likely to be a more fluid and dynamic version of the original battle system and probably turn based that has more of a real time feel to it.

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    From the trailer and the image above, I can conclude that the battle system will be similar to the battle system form Kingdom Hearts with certain elements from Dissidia Final Fantasy. The battle system from Kingdom Hearts is not entirely action-based because it contained certain elements of a turn-based battle system (such as battle menu). I can assume that Square Enix has chosen a battle system from Kingdom Hearts because it is not entirely action-based, so they could retain certain elements from the original, such as ATB and Limit gauge. ATB gauge do not "indicate the order of attacks" which means that the battle system will not be turn-based. Also, Limit Break will not work the same way as in the original. Based on all of this I can conclude that the battle system will be action-based with some turn-based elements (like ATB gauge), and battles will take place in real-time.

    I first thought that battle system would be completely action-based like FFXV, but after analyzing the battle system from gameplay trailer in detail, I came to the conclusion that it will be more similar to the battle system from Kingdom Hearts.