Thread: Final Fantasy VII Remake could be a disappointment

Final Fantasy VII Remake could be a disappointment

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    Final Fantasy VII Remake could be a disappointment

    The biggest difference between the original and the remake is the gameplay: the original was a turn-based RPG, while the remake would be an action RPG. Since gameplay has changed, then they have to change the script to adjust the story to the new gameplay. This means that certain parts of the original story will be discarded. Key parts of the story will remain in remake, while other parts will be discarded like certain scenes that take place in Midgar at the very beginning of the game, and many other scenes in the later parts of the original game. This tells us that we will see a completely different story in remake, in a different way it will be retell. It could also be shorter than the original because it will only keep the key parts of the story. So we can conclude that the remake will be a completely new game, it will not be nearly the same as the original. On the basis of that I can say that some will be disappointed. I will not be disappointed with the change of scenarios, but what will disappoint me is that the remake will be an action RPG. In an action RPG you are limited to using only one character in battle, while others are controlled by AI. After the Final Fantasy X series, they started practicing a battle system in which a player can control only one character (only the team leader). For this reason I did not like battle systems in FFXII, FFXIII and FFXV. In a turn-based battle system like ATB and CTB, the player has complete control over the battle: it can control all the characters in battle, it have to think what the next move will be, it has to create a different strategy for each battle if he wants to win. Turn-based battle system gives challenge, difficulty and strategic thinking. On the other hand, the action RPG is much easier, there is no strategy because the battle system is hack and slash, and this proves the battle system from FFXV where it is impossible to lose, where all battle are very simple and the same, where the player only presses the attack and defense button. The same kind of battle system can be expected in FFVII Remake. Because of that I'm disappointed, and many others share my opinion who prefer the turn-based battle system.

    FFVII Remake will be released in three parts, something similar as the original was released on three discs. Now the question is how these three parts will be divided. It will be the same as in the original or otherwise? If it's the same as the original, then the first part will be from Migard to The Forgotton Capital, the second part will be from Corral Valley to Midgar Raid, and the third part will be Northern Crater, minigames and sidequests. When I think better, there is no way it will be like this. If they are made FFVII Remake like an open world, then the world map should be much larger than the world map in FFXV. Or they may make every part like episodes/missions and there will not be a world map. Maybe the player will not be able to walk freely on the world map. Most likely they will discarded the underwater world (the submarine will not be able to be used). Maybe the parts that will be discarded will be published as DLCs, such as a submarine and snowboard. There is a great possibility that Weapons will be part of DLCs, that they will not be included in the main game. Also fighting against the Weapons will be completely different (it will actually be strange) from the original because the remake is an action RPG. From all this I can conclude that FFVII Remake will be divided into lots of parts: one part will be in the main game, and the other parts will be DLCs.

    FFVII Remake will most likely be the most expensive game ever: if each part of the main game cost about 29.99-49.99 euros, this amounted to 89.97-149.97 euros in total. If each DLCs cost around 4.99-19.99 euros, then in the end the whole FFVII Remake will cost more than 200 euros. In the end maybe I do not even buy FFVII Remake because it will be beyond my capabilities.

    There are a lot of things around which they can mess up and in the end FFVII Remake can be a big disappointment. Square Enix is too secretive and gives very little information about FFVII Remake. Only thing Square Enix shows us how FFVII Remake has a great graphics, but graphics are not so important, much more important is gameplay and story.

    Sometimes it may be better not to touch same things and leave them as they are. In my opinion, FFVII Remake should be somewhat similar to the remake of Secert of Mana. The only thing they needed to make a lot better is the graphics, while the rest remains the same [completely the same story and gameplay (turn-based RPG)]. They could make it look like a Lost Sphear, the game of Tokyo RPG Factory. Of course with much better graphics, characters models and design of the world. In fact what I want to say: FFVII should remain as a traditional JRPG.

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    I keep hearing that it's going to be real time but nothing in the gameplay trailer clearly shows that. Cloud doing a sword combo is not proof of real time combat. He did sword combos in the original and it was turn-based. Everything i have seen suggests it's still a party oriented game like the original.

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    What I've seen in the last trailer looks like a battle system from Kingdom Hearts. I also noticed some specific elements of the battle system from Dissidia Final Fantasy. Therefore, all of this suggests that the battle system will be in real time. Many are confused because they see ATB gauge, but ATB gauge in new battle systems does not have the same function as in the original. Therefore it will not be the same as in the original, a different style of gameplay affects the change of scenarios, which ultimately means that the remake will be different from the original (there will not be just a difference in the graphics, but also in the style of gameplay and screenplay).