Recently downloaded Thief on my PS4 Pro.In the starting mission,once I got through the attic and grabbed the rope from the box,I could not equip the character with the rope and cannot remove the instructions from the screen and as a result,I am locked into this area and cannot progress any further.
The instructions say to touch the touch pad and then click the touch padBUTTON,but when I do this,the equipment slot does not highlight??The instructions say to click the touch pad button and I take this to mean that I just depress the touch pad??Since the touch pad is referred to as a pad,then why does it say to click the touch pad BUTTON?Is it a pad,or a button...or a combination of both?Reason I ask,is that it seems that there is some other button I should be pressing(other than the pad?)If so....which button on this f**king controller,is the TOUCH PAD BUTTON??

Even more distressing,is that when I visited the Thief website,there is a staggeringly long list of complaints and technical is what I'm experiencing,a tech glitch as well....WTF??