Hello I waited for a *** reply from you people, wtf square enix. I spent my money on your *** piece of game least you can do is tell me which drivers I need to install from NVidia for my graphics card that is optimized for deus ex mankind divided. My specs are gtx1060 notebook i7 7700HQ at 2.80ghz intel hd graphics 630. I tried using the latest ones this year but 388.71 runs and aids. You said I should be able to get a stable 60fps on high. But I have 16gb of ram so please tell me why cant I run this game at ultra explain? Get back to me asap this is unacceptable square enix. Let me know what nvida old driver is good to install that runs well and is well optimized for this game. Because I want the best performance and experience but I’m not getting that atm which is so pissing me off and it is stressful as you can imagine. Put yourself in my position and see how you guys feel. You wouldn’t feel good would you? Of course not because you worked hard in blood sweat and tears to create this game for local consumers when people were highly anticipated that it wuld be a good port. Get back to me ASAP please. I’m a huge fan on Deus Ex I played all of them and I love this one but it doesn’t run well for me. Which is odd because I meet over the recommended specs and can’t get a decent FPS on ultra which is sad.

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