I buy this game 5 days ago. I install this game and play. When intro, I close my game correctly via esc and exit the game. But, when I want play this game again, they say ''missing content''. I try verify game cache and there is no end. That download always over and over again after 1 days. Then, I reinstall in same disk. Its not work, and they say ''content file locked''. I try to turn off my antivirus and reinstall to another disk. Its working, I play 4 hours. When I want to play this game again, I get problem. My game cannot fullscreen. I restart my game correctly, but my problem when I play this game first time back again. I try to check my antivirus and reinstall to another disk, but it's not work. I want to refund this game and buy it again, but my playtime now 4 hours. What should I do? Please help me, I want finish this game.
I think I don't have problem with spec, my spec : Intel core i7 7700HQ, 8 gb ram, Nvidia 1050 4 gb