So after watching a fan made ending that shows how it could save Chloe and Arcadia Bay. simply put Max should have done what she does best, take photos. the Video shows that Max while Nathan was threatening Chloe could and SHOULD have taken a photo of them and immediately hit the alarm, it would have proof of Nathan's mental state, saving Chloe.

some will argue that changes fate.. yes it does, but what if that was supposed to happen, but it happened all jacked up because Max didn't save Chloe in the bathroom the correct way. she was supposed to save Chloe and find Rachel bringing Nathan and Jefferson to justice, but she took too long

After playing Before the Storm, I believe Chloe's spirit is that of a Raven NOT the Butterfly. The Butterfly was Rachel's Spirit. Rachel was trying to save Chloe.. and only way to do that was to gift Max with the ability to change time. Which is why the butterfly was in the bathroom with Max. Max was then supposed to take a photo of Nathan threatening Chloe and hit the alarm. done.. but because Max didn't she had to keep using the power over and over throughout the entire game until finally getting justice for Rachel. This is why the Storm happens, but the storm wasn't supposed to happen. the storm "visions" were warnings to max not to mess with the time too much, do what you need to do as quickly and less messy as possible, but she didn't because she is a teenager. Which is why her spirit animal the Doe was showing her where Rachel's body can be found in the junkyard in episode 2. but being Max, she took a photo of the dear. you might figure well "duh" why would she think about looking for Rachels body there? in that same episode next to a stump you can sit down and ponder in her thoughts, and Max CLEARLY states that she feels like Arcadia Bay is trying to tell her something. and then she see the Doe.. her spirit animal was trying to correct the timeline while saving Chloe as to not mess with the time stream anymore.

all of that still could have happened by the ending of the game by sacrificing Chloe. By going back to the moment of the butterfly and taking the photo of Nathan threatening Chloe and with your knowledge of what happened to Rachel and who is really involved and bring people to justice while saving Chloe. the Theory is if she would have done this, I believe she wouldn't have the power to rewind time anymore because what she was supposed to have done in the first place. There would be no need for the power anymore and Rachel's spirit would take the power back to make sure no one messes with time anymore. Max went back to the EXACT moment that all of this started, so there shouldn't be a storm or time repercussions because with the game mechanics, everything that was said, any actions taken, and any consequences would have been erased. Thus saving both Chloe and the town.

None of this happened for the fact Max was too blinded by her love and grief of Chloe, and the fact by the end of the game she became increasingly scared to use her powers after saving William and how that turned out. With all this in mind, she couldn't and wouldn't think of this possibility, because of the grief she feels along with the horrible dread of making things worse. That is why we have the endings that we do.