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Review/Feedback for FFXV +DLCS

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    Posted on the now deleted FFXV forums on 12/10/16;
    (A more recent addition is far down in this post, as I feel the original gives it context and is still relevant.)


    Before I start, I would like to say that I understand and appreciate all the work that goes into making video games, however working hard on something doesn't mean it will come out perfectly. The point in sharing my feedback is it give an honest review after 100 hours of gameplay. I also understand there will be updates for the game, so note that this is prior to those, and hopefully some of my suggestions/complaints might reach someone who can do something about things, as there's an incredible amount of FFXV players who feel the way I do on most subjects. I would also like to note that I did not watch the movie, but did watch the anime.

    Technical aspects;
    The graphics were fantastic, I have no complaints on the subject. I enjoyed the combat style/system, aside from using spells. It was incredibly annoying to have to stop mid-battle to open the menu and equip spells. I feel like they should have been equipped separately from normal weapons. Aside from that, I liked the fighting style and how things are set-up.

    I was disappointed by the post-game exclusive dungeons though. The ones where you unlock the secret door's loot is fantastic, and the challenges are totally fine, but the fact that every single one of them has exactly the same layout is disappointing and annoying. I expected the
    textures and landscapes inside them to match the dungeons they're in. For example, the door in the icy dungeon, I expected it to also be icy past the door. Instead it's generic and looks copied and pasted over and over again through the entire thing in every single one, which makes them rather boring, and just seems lazy to me. That's also an issue with Chapter 13. Everything looks the same through the whole place.

    With Pitioss Dungeon, my problem is this game was clearly not meant for this type of gameplay. I got excited when I heard it was a puzzle dungeon, as I enjoy puzzles in games, such as the puzzles in Dragon Age III where you have to step on tiles in a certain order to unlock a room, however I wouldn't call the challenges a puzzle at all, and regardless of what it's considered, FFXV just isn't meant for that type of gameplay. For example, there are parts of the dungeon that you have to sprint, and I had an incredible amount of trouble doing so because randomly instead of sprinting, it would attack instead, and make me slash at the air, since R2 is for both. Since there's no enemies in the dungeon I don't know why attacking wasn't disabled aside from destroying the pillars. It wasn't just that either, it was also things like jumping that made it very difficult. For whatever reason, occasionally after jumping Noctis would take an extra step after landing even though I had let everything go on the controller. That, and there are parts where you have to land just right, and it's completely off. For example, one of the rocks you have to jump to at one point, jumping on the rock kills you, but jumping just past the rock makes you float midair because it's off. I may like puzzle games, but I truly hate 3rd person rpg puzzles. When I bought my ps4, it came with an Uncharted collector's bundle, and I never even opened it knowing what it was like. Ironically, I traded in that bundle towards FFXV, which made me laugh but also very annoyed.

    I also thought that Noctis looked very strange after taking in the crystal. It seemed like his head was too large for his body, and just looked awkward. It also looked like they used the same body model as before, and just changed his face and hair. I felt the same awkwardness looking at him in the cut-scenes of him as a child. Also, during the ending cut-scene when he's with Luna, he didn't look like the same person either facially.

    I found the regalia type-f unnecessary and terrible. The view from the sky is nice and all, but that could have been seen in a cut-scene or something. I find it to be a complete waste really. I imagine it was a difficult thing to add into the game, and I've heard that fans asked for it, but I personally hate it. As many others have pointed out, the landing needs to be fixed. The only real point in it is unlimited gas, which you can get a part for anyways, and to get to extra area with Pitioss Dungeon. I loved that area, the rare loot was fantastic, but I wish you didn't have to fly to get there. Personally, now that I've finished the dungeon and quest there, I reverted the car back and won't ever fly it again, even if landing is fixed. There's especially no point when you can just fast travel anywhere. I would use it more or just keep it as type-f for normal driving if the decals I went out of my way to collect worked on it. I don't know why the designs weren't re-done to also be applied to the type-f. I also don't understand why I can't put stickers on over the decal, or why I can't put more than one sticker on any side of the car. These are little details that would make the game much more enjoyable. I was also disappointed that there are so many options for paint colors, but the color schemes are far more limited for the interior and wheels. Another thing that would be nice would be the ability to skip the scene when you refuel. I also get incredibly aggravated when I'm playing with car colors/etc and have to listen to Cindy make the same remarks every time I enter a menu. There's also a few buggy things with manual driving. I once tapped a side-rail, and it got buggy and started throwing the car all over the place and it wound up totaling it. I only used auto-drive for a long time after that.

    The concept of DLC;
    DLC that you have to pay for should add to the game. Removing things from the game, and then selling them separately is ridiculous. I'm confident I know exactly what the DLC episodes for Promto, Ignis, and Gladio will be. Prompto's will likely be about his history and how he's tied in with the imperial MTs. Ignis's will likely be about what exactly happened during the leviathan battle on his end that caused his injuries. Gladio's will likely be about what he did when he left the party for a chapter. These are things that should NOT be DLC content. These stories should have been included in the game upon release, and included in the game's price. DLC is supposed to be a cherry on top, not a portion of the ice cream. The holiday and booster pack sound great for DLC, as they weren't things taken away from the game, but extra things to add in for fun. Not to mention, taking those portions of the story out of the game left me confused and upset. It actually ends up implying that Noctis doesn't care about his friends enough to ask what's going on in each situation, when that shouldn't be the case.

    Story aspects;
    This is where things take the turn for the worse. All my complaints above are minor compared to the issues with the story. Part of that is because FFXV is an RPG, and what good is an RPG that doesn't have a good story? It actually hardly has a story at all.
    There is no real story development until the end of chapter 9. Prior to that, just about everything with the main story are events that were known years ago. The story up to chapter 9 is literally just the game synopsis playing out.

    "Enroute to wed his fiancée Luna on a road trip with his best friends, Prince Noctis is advised by news reports that his homeland has been invaded and taken over under the false pretense of a peace treaty – and that he, his loved one and his father King Regis, have been slain at the hands of the enemy.
    To gather the strength needed to uncover the truth and reclaim his homeland, Noctis and his loyal companions must overcome a series of challenges in a spectacular open world - that is filled with larger-than-life creatures, amazing wonders, diverse cultures and treacherous foes."

    That is literally the entire story up until chapter 9, aside from the fact that you discover Luna is alive. Everything that isn't in that description that relates directly to the main story is chapter 9. There are 9 entire chapters that don't add to the story. That is a problem in and of itself. Given how dire and harsh the story is, there should not be that significant of a gap in the story line. It would be different if most of the side-quests tied into the story, however saving chocobos in danger and going grocery fetching for a diner while making pit-stops to fish and take photos doesn't have anything to do with the story, even if it is enjoyable.

    It seems to me that every single major character needs more story added for them.

    For a large portion of the first half of the game, I didn't understand Noctis and Luna's relationship with each other. The only thing I knew was that they met once as kids, sent post cards in a journal carried by Umbra, and they were in an arranged marriage. Given this, Noctis wanting so badly to save her didn't make sense at that point, because there was no reason to care about Luna. She's a stranger to the player for most of the game, until AFTER she dies. That had a serious impact on her death scene. Had I been shown the memories of her prior to her dying, I'd have teared up and been sad, but instead I felt nothing, because I still didn't know who she really was yet. And even then, there's no cut-scene memories or anything to Noctis and her as children that give any emotion to them. They're so short and simple they don't add to the relationship. It's just mindless. It made me completely indifferent towards her and didn't create
    any kind of emotional ties with me or the characters. In fact, I wasn't sure if she may have been part of the set-up or not until she woke the titan to gain it's favor for Noctis. It doesn't give a back-story for how her homeland was taken by the imperial army and that's her involvement with them until after she dies. Her brother was also a total confusing mess. He was in the game so little that I kept forgetting who he was when his name was mentioned. Again, not knowing they were invaded, I didn't question why he was in the imperial army, I only questioned if Luna was in on it as well by relation. Apparently it's explained in the movie why he hates Noctis and Regis, but seeing as I didn't watch it, I don't understand whatsoever. I shouldn't have to buy and watch a movie to understand the story of the game. Luna and her brother are a couple of the most important characters in the game, especially Luna, and even now, I don't understand them or feel any connection to them. I understand that some of the free updates coming in the next year will shed more light on both of them, however that doesn't change the fact that I'm disgusted that the game was released the way it is with all these key story parts missing.

    I would like an explanation on how this dog can time travel, but more importantly, I would like this to be removed from the game completely. Not Umbra, but the time traveling. First of all, it's available too early in the game. If we are able to revisit Lucis from Altissia, we should be able to just take a boat back and forth, not time travel between them. This is especially a problem in Chapter 9 when you first arrive in Altissia, because it makes absolutely no sense when you walk into the hotel and it tells you Umbra will let you time travel to "past" Lucis. Even after that chapter, all this function does is open up thousands of plot-holes. For example, a big plot hole that came from it for me was that I was able to summon the leviathan in Lucis during a battle. If I was time traveling to past Lucis, which would be before going to Altissia since you gain the option in chapter 9, then Noctis shouldn't have any connection with the leviathan yet. That's just one example. It's really so terrible that when playing I have to force myself to forget it's "time traveling" and just pretend the characters never left Lucis, because otherwise nothing makes sense. Now, removing this would mean either no more open-world, or changes made to the story, which I will go into in the Aryden/Ending section.

    I feel like he offered nothing to the game outside of combat and picking up items. Even in the anime there was hardly anything there for his emotional connection with the group. It seemed to me his only purpose was great fighting skills, and being a total jerk whenever anyone in the group was feeling down. I actually ended up hating him by the end of the game. Perhaps it was just the way things were translated into English, but even when he was trying to "inspire" or help Noctis, he just came off as a self-righteous jerk with awful timing. For example, the time-line where there's a cut-scene and Luna dies, the next cut-scene Noctis awakes and it's confirmed she's dead, and the very next cut-scene he's screaming at Noctis telling him to get over it etc. I understand that several weeks had passed in game, but the player has no time to absorb what just happened before he comes in screaming to get over it and acting like Noctis has forgotten what he must do. He made like Noctis was just moping around doing nothing crying about things, when in reality all he did was simply ask to stop at Luna's home because she asked him to do so before dying.
    There's also a point where Gladio makes me want to punch through my screen. When you're in the dungeon with the group after Ignis becomes blind and is still adjusting, Gladio constantly screams at you to hurry up, yet if you go too fast, he screams at you to slow down. It's completely infuriating. And then he has to stop and scream and lecture you in the dungeon for no good reason all over again. I absolutely hate it. So overall, he ended up adding nothing to the game story-wise aside from rude lectures.

    The little things;
    I was incredibly disappointed in the lack of carbuncle in the game. After completing the platinum demo, I was promised him as a summon, and instead just didn't die in easy mode. It didn't even show him coming to the rescue. Apparently he occasionally shows up in pictures, but out of all the pictures taken in the 100 hours I played, I checked every photo and no carbuncle.
    I was also incredibly disappointed that I couldn't make my chocobo black no matter what I did, even though they obviously exist in the game, as you save an egg that hatches into one, as well as get to save Ignis's glasses from one.
    I was disappointed when doing the Witch of the Woods quest. After learning she really isn't a witch and seems like a nice person who did nothing wrong, I thought maybe I could convince her sister to lift the banishment, but instead you're not allowed to do anything about it whatsoever and just leave the poor old woman to suffer alone.
    Seeing as there was nothing emotionally tying me to Luna, I was kinda irked that you couldn't "date" Iris, even though she blatantly made a joke about it and seems to like Noctis in a romantic way.

    I'm going to jump to the largest issue that makes me the most upset.
    Aryden is of the same bloodline of Noctis and cured daemons from people, and his soul became tainted. That's the entirety of not only his story, but also his powers.
    Yet, it takes five of the six, all the past kings, the entire crystal, and Noctis and his friend's lives to defeat him. That is beyond overkill. It only took two of the six to defeat Ifrit, which should have been what removed daemons from the world since he created them to begin with. So this implies that Aryden was more than three times as powerful as one of the six, yet his only powers are from his bloodline and a few daemons tainting him. This is absolutely ridiculous. Not only should he have had more of a back-story, but there was just no logical reason he was so powerful that it took all that to take him down. I would have been willing to overlook how stupidly overpowered he was for no good reason if it hadn't taken 10 years for Noctis to absorb the crystal and if it hadn't required everyone to die. Even without the ridiculousness of it, the ending itself gave me no satisfaction or sense of accomplishment/fulfillment. It was incredibly disappointing. I don't mind sad endings, but it was just pathetic and weak. Due to it taking 10 years to absorb the crystal, there was barely anything left of Eos to save, so it didn't feel like Noctis and everyone defeating the darkness saved the world or anything, it instead made me feel like everything was for absolutely nothing. By the time you save the world, the world is dead anyways, and then so are you. It was as if Aryden had won, not Noctis. Given that the world was ravished with demons for 10 years, and now the group is all dead, there's hardly anyone left to pick up the pieces, and more importantly the ones who are left aren't main characters that you grew to really care for.

    And then again, we come upon the time traveling. Due to the way the ending is, going back to Lucis or Altissia just feel pointless after an ending like that. Nothing you do afterwards really matters when you know everyone is just going to die anyways. It really sucked the joy out of exploring post-game.
    I personally would have much preferred a generic ending where it didn't take 10 years to absorb the crystal, and where you beat the villain and all the good guys win. At least that way, you feel all the time you put into the game meant something, and post-game traveling would be fantastic, celebrating coming so far with your pals after a treacherous journey in wonderful loot, mini-games, and all the other grand things in the open world.

    To sum up the Aryden/Ending section my suggestion is;
    "Add an alternative ending that allows Noctis and friends to live and continue to travel post-game normally rather than having to time travel with Umbra, as it creates hundreds, if not thousands, of plot holes. It really shouldn't have required a chosen king, the entire crystal, five of the six, all the past kings, AND Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio to die, to kill Ardyn in the first place, not the mention Regis and Luna dying for it as well, or the fact that it took 10 years to absorb the crystal. Ardyn's origins/powers didn't come off as being so powerful it required that much insane power to kill him, killing Ifrit should have been what removed daemons from the world, since he created them to begin with, and killing him only required two of the six, so why should it take so much to kill Ardyn?"

    As for the rest of problems with the story, almost all of them could have been resolved with better character development, showing more of the characters, and not leaving holes to sell as dlc.

    What good is an RPG without a good story? What good is an RPG without a story at all?
    Those are the two questions I was left to ask myself after completing FFXV.

    Now, I understand and respect that Square Enix has been reached out to and has addressed some of these issues and plan on trying to do something about it, which is fantastic, however I still feel disgusted and like I was taken advantage of. This game needed 1-2 more years of development before it's release story-wise. I find it incredibly hard to believe that Square Enix was oblivious to this, which leads me to assume they sloppily threw the story together in order to release the game knowing how many fans would jump to buy it. I feel like it was a slap in the face to fans. The only way they couldn't have known how terrible the story came out was if they didn't bother playing it themselves. I refuse to believe they looked at the product before releasing it and said/thought, "It's good enough to be released the way it is!"

    I have learned not to pay for early access games.
    I have learned not to pay for games released but still in beta.
    I have learned not to pay for season passes before learning the content.
    Now, I have learned not to pay for a "fully finished" game until it's done being made a year later.

    This has sincerely discouraged me from buying a Square Enix game again, which is heartbreaking since I loved so many of their games, especially having grown up playing Kingdom Hearts and having the 3rd one in development, but now I'll be afraid to buy it when it comes out because I won't be sure if it's actually complete or if I'll play through it, be disappointed, and have to wait a year for it to be "fixed"/finished.
    This is no way to release games, and no way to treat fans who you know have been waiting years and years to experience the game. We are more than our money, and we deserve better.

    Feedback after 1 year and 185+ hours of gameplay (85 hours more than before);

    I made a feedback/review type post in December of 2016 regarding all my opinions and feelings on FFXV, and tried to cover every single detail. Now, a year later, I feel it's time to revisit these thoughts, as well as add new thoughts on the dlc and updates. I won't go through every single little thing added, like new recipes, but the most major updates and dlcs will be mentioned.

    Moogle Chocobo Carnival.
    I honestly have nothing bad to say about the moogle chocobo carnival, it was loads of fun really. I only have two minor complaints, first being that I didn't, and still don't, have a black chocobo. Even if it doesn't fly, just let me have one and stop teasing it. Second being that the dream egg you get at the end turned out to be pretty lame in my opinion. The outfit is great, but I really expected more from it, like.. you know.. A black chocobo. I'm a tiny bit biased and salty about the black chocobo thing.

    Chapter 13 Verse 2.
    It was pretty much terrible in my opinion. It was the same copy and pasted rooms, it was far too linear for me to enjoy it, and it certainly didn't meet my expectations as far as expanding the storyline at all. It did add a few things, I'm not denying that, but given the promise of more story, aka a completed story, it fell short. As a whole, it felt lazy. It felt like it was made lazily just to shut up fans who want more story. Most of the addition story added in this was in the form of notes you read. Even as a free update, it was rather weak.

    Episode Gladiolus.
    First and foremost, it's absolutely insane that this, and the other two episode ___ dlcs weren't simply part of the main game and are instead paid dlcs that aren't even finished coming out yet at the time I'm typing this. There was one obvious hole in the story for each major supporting character, it's very clear it was intentional, and now those holes are being filled for $4.99 each, one of which will be coming out over a year after the base game. Let that sink in. Does it make you angry? Because it should. This is one of the biggest things that made me lose my respect for Square Enix, second only to the fact that the game was released so very unfinished. It makes me absolutely disgusted that they did this and they think it's okay, and even went as far as considering making a second season pass, when they haven't even given enough content to be worth the money of the first pass, seeing as these 3 dlcs should have been in the base game to begin with.
    I'm going to put that aside for now though, but everything above here applies to the other two episode ___ dlcs.
    It was an okay dlc overall. I enjoyed playing as a different character, and it made the story feel slightly more complete, knowing where a major character disappeared to mid-game, and for once it didn't feel too rushed, or super lazy. It was good at best. But again, it was merely a filler that should have been in the main game itself.

    Regalia Type-D.
    I know a lot of fans kept asking for this, but I have no idea why. In my opinion, it's incredibly silly and pointless, and I don't use it. I would much rather ride my chocobos off-road than the bulky giant car. It generally just seems like a waste to me, but I can't blame them for adding it since so many people wanted it. However I will say, this should have been at the bottom of their list of content to add to the incomplete game.

    Episode Prompto.
    This was really a huge let-down for me. I was incredibly excited to finally have some background on Prompto's story, and what he is, and instead it mostly focused on the snowmobile. It had such great potential to add to the character, but instead it was bland and still feel like I don't know who Prompto was really. Again, I'm not saying it didn't add anything to the story, but not nearly as much as I had hoped. Everything in this dlc felt incredibly rushed playing through it. The pacing really threw off the impact of the story for me.

    Assassin's Festival.
    This was pretty dumb honestly, and not nearly as fun as the moogle chocobo festival. It was okay at best, but honestly overall it was more work than it was worth. I've never played an AC game, so I'm sure if I did it would have been significantly more enjoyable, but as someone that hasn't, it was pretty lame, and so were the rewards. I will say that they did make it rather humorous at times which helped me enjoy it a bit. However that was ruined by once again dangling a black chocobo in front of me with no way to get it.

    New story scenes to Chapter 12.
    I can't comment on this since I've yet to see the new scenes, and this is because I looked into them, and know that they don't complete the story. I may just be being stubborn, but I really don't want to replay any parts of the game until it's complete. At this point, it's already been a total mess. Beating the game, replaying chapter 13, then episode gladio which takes place during chapter 7, then episode prompto during episode 12, then this, then comrades after the main game, then episode ignis, it just seems like I shouldn't be playing any of them until the game is complete, because these releases are all over the place timeline wise and I'm starting to get whiplash. This is why these main story dlcs should have just been in the game to begin with, I can't stress that enough.

    Final Fantasy XV: Comrades.
    I tried really really hard to like this dlc, but I almost hate it. Nothing seems to make much sense, there's barely a story as far as I can tell, and it's 100% just grinding with no sense of direction and a million years of loading screens. Firstly, 4 loading screens per mission when you have to grind is just ridiculous, though they are working on that so I'll give them credit there. However, maybe I'm just an idiot here, but I cannot for the life of me understand the power map. I cannot unlock any quests for my level, I have unlocked places in every direction and have loads of quests available to me, but they're all either lvl 1-10, or lvl 20-30, and I've gotten no motivation from the game to want to grind a level 10 quest until I hit 20+ just to continue the dlc. It's honestly kind of depressing. It would be nice if more information was added to point me in the right direction, because I really don't understand if I'm just stupid, if I unlocked the wrong areas first, or what the deal is, but I am done fighting that freaking shrimp over and over again.

    Character switching.
    Again, can't comment on this, I've yet to try it out. I'm installing the update as I type this, with another 35 minutes left on the download.

    Episode Ignis DLC.
    We'll see how this turns out on December 13th.. Maybe going into it with no hope will make it better. *See edit below*

    Revisiting previous points of interest.
    Here are some of the topics I went over in my last post;
    The concept of DLC, Story aspects, Luna/Ravus/Noctis, Umbra, Gladio, The little things, Aryden/Ending.
    Taking a look back, this game is still lacking in every single one of those areas.
    I've already re-raged over the DLC, there's hardly been anything added to the main story like promised aside from the dlc holes, I know a little more about Ravus but that's it out of the three empty characters, Umbra still makes no sense, Gladio is still a jerk even with his dlc, the four little things still haven't been resolved, Aryden and the ending are still bad/nonsense stories.
    So, in short, it's been over a year since it's release, but the game still isn't finished.

    Overall general thoughts/opinions/concerns.
    I honestly don't know what to say at this point. I'm just plain disappointed in this game and disgusted with it's creators. The worst part isn't that the game is unfinished, it's that Square Enix pretended to care and made more false promises, yet haven't delivered and don't seem to care. I'm not trying to be dramatic and say I'm going to boycott them or anything, but I think I've lost too much respect for them to every buy one of their games again. I'm a huge KH fan, yet I don't think I'm going to buy KH3, because I'm not interested in wasting my money on an unfinished game by a company that doesn't care. This is beyond sad. I don't even see how they can fix FFXV at this point. I had hope a year ago when they made like they were really listening to feedback and seemed to recognize their mistakes and want to make it right, but now? All I see is a greedy company pumping out unfinished games and taking advantage of loyal fanbases. As I said in my feedback last year, I'm not trying to be a jerk here, these are just my honest opinions and I want to share them in hopes of it making even the tiniest difference, in this game, or any future ones. All in all, I just want a full game after all this time and money. I sincerely hope they can make me change my mind about all of this.

    If you took the time to read this absurdly long post, thank you.

    *****************Edit**************** 12/14/2017
    Episode Ignis DLC.
    I have to say, this was an incredible dlc. Of course, I still think it should have been part of the main game, and that chapter 3 verse 2 should have been the actual game ending. But I sincerely enjoyed this one. The combat style was really fun in my opinion, the additional story was only very slightly confusing (a couple things didn't add up) but still very fulfilling. I wish the other two dlcs could have even come close to measuring up to this one. One of the things that didn't seem clear to me was what was going on elsewhere during c3v2 and how it may have affected the storyline. I also have no idea where to buy the cooking utensils I apparently unlocked, but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually. As for the outfit for Ignis that becomes unlocked, I'm rather confused, because it does have different stats than his typical no jacket outfit, but I don't see a single difference in appearance, which was somewhat disappointing since I excited to play with him having his hair in a mess. Out of all the things added to the game post release, this is by far the best one so far, and gave me a whole lot more hope for the future of the game. I'm glad Square is at least starting to prove my doubts wrong, truly.

    *****************Edit**************** 03/06/2018
    Royal Edition/Pack.
    All I can taste is salt. I am absolutely disgusted and livid about this. I paid $60 for FFXV at release, and $25 for the season pass the second that was announced. I knew full well that eventually prices would drop, but I like to support the games I like by not being one of those people that just waits years to play them to save money on them. However, Square Enix sure has taught me a lesson for supporting them. Even though the season pass was expected to cover all future dlcs and content, like almost every other season pass for any game does, they want another $15 for some extra features. Even if it was $5, it would still be completely absurd. I have already put $85 into this game and it's content, more if you include the stupid little $.99 dlcs I bought, and now I'm expected to continue paying more, with the open ended idea for another season pass coming up? I think not. This is honestly over the line for me, and it marks the end of FFXV for me as well, because I absolutely refuse to keep shelling out stupid amounts of money for this hallow uncompleted game. SE is making all the people who supported this game from release look like absolute idiots by making us pay over $100 for this game, so far, yet now new players can buy a bundle for literally half that price. I've officially lost my marbles over this. I cannot believe they're bundling everything for $50, yet expect people who already have 90% of the content included to drop $15 just for this update. This is the last update I'm going to do because I'm 1000% done with this game, and this company. I'm done.
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