Hello SquareEnix,

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I am reposting this since my last thread with the same content below got moved or deleted. At least I cannot find my post anymore via forum search nor is it shown on my accounts "my posts" page. Since I could not find a dedicated technical support forum for Star Ocean Last Hope I am using this forum again. If you move this thread again, please notify me where it went to so I can check if someone posts workarounds or hotfixes for the described issues. Thanks in advance.

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In general, the game runs with constant 60 fps when running around the world map and also in cutscenes. However, I'd like to point out some performance and other issues I ran into while playing StarOcean Last Hope via Steam.

a) If Steam has no internet connection but is not in Offline mode, the game gets stuck at initial loading displaying "Installing Achievements" but does not continue to load.

b) The "Collections" screens in the main menu experience severe fps drops on my PC. When browsing through the Star Ships / Weapons etc menus, the framerate drops as low as 20fps and below. All other menus seem not affected by this issue.

c) When in battle, I have to switch to the "overview camera" by pressing R3 to get stable fps. When I'm using the default battle start "close up" camera, the framerate is instable when many hit effects appear on screen. Depending how many hit effects are show, framerate drops to anything between 15-50fps. Please add a "low battle VFX" option if possible"

d) The game is not Alt-Tab compatible. When I press Alt-Tab, it goes to windowed mode and I have to renable fullscreen via the options menu. There, Fullscreen is still selected so I have to select Window mode (despite its a window already) and then back to Fullscreen mode. Also the window is always on top which is annoying. Please add standard windows functionality to press Alt-Enter to switch between Window/Fullscreen mode.

Info on my System:
i7 3.5 Ghz, 16 GB RAM, NV GTX760m 2GB, Win10 x64