Thread: Forced to pay USD 100 to transfer from Free Trial to Regular Account

Forced to pay USD 100 to transfer from Free Trial to Regular Account

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    Forced to pay USD 100 to transfer from Free Trial to Regular Account

    Basically got a Free Trial Account, leveled a character to 35 and as I could no longer advance in the game decided to purchase it.

    I followed the "Account" link in the FFXIV launcher and it took me to the Mog Station.

    There is a huge button telling me to "TRANSFER TO FULL GAME" so I follow that.

    There are two buttons to either enter a registration code (from a previously purchased game) or to Purchase the game (Windows only), and the only visible warning is about PS4 game.

    When pressing "Purchase the game" I'm given a second warning ";Users who wish to play the Mac version must purchase a separate copy of the game before accessing the Mog Station.", once more the Playstation warning and a User Agreement.

    By pressing Next I'm presented with options to purchase either the Starter Edition or Complete Edition for USD 59,99 (Windows), and amongst the payments methods available I'm given the option to pay with Crysta, so I decide to go with that.

    As my Crysta was at 0, I'm asked to purchase Crysta to continue with the process, which I proceed to do for USD 59,99.

    Only AFTER I've purchased 5999 Crysta and tried to proceed with my order I recieve the message that I cannot upgrade my Free Trial Account via the Mog Station and that I should purchase the game at the Square Enix Online Store, where, of course, they don't take Crysta.

    So, to actually be able to play the complete game they're now making me pay USD 59,99 AGAIN. For a mistake that is theirs.

    When contacting Chat Support I'm told by a very unrespectful agent that they don't do refunds and that I should use the Crysta to pay for the monthly subscription, so not only they're making me spend twice the money at once, they're also telling me how much time I will be spending in the game. They're basically holding me captive.
    I should mention this agent also didn't believe me Crysta payment is available at the MogStation, so when I tried to send her a screenshot she treated me like I was some sort of threat that was trying to send her a virus, and then closed the chat.

    Now I'm in Argentina, and in here USD 100,00 are equal to 25% of a persons minimum wage. I was able to pay USD 59,99 this month and then a monthly sub for USD 12,99 but I never agreed to spend the equivalent of the game and 5 more months of sub all at once.

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    sue them, they'll have to hire local representation and it'll cost them a TON of money