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    Final Fantasy VI-2

    Have you guys ever minded: Oh gosh, since i finished up the 25th time playing crazy FFVI i was getting used to want a second part of this game, well, i'm trying to show my idea to the world there's a long time, well, this is it:
    Don't you think that the SQUARE ENIX could do a FFVI - PT 2 that tells how was being Terra's life, when she was in his so dreamed peacefull life, she marries, and have a baby boy, but inside that boy there's a little magic power, he start to became searched by the New Empire of Magic, that was constructed right before they discover that still there's magic in the world, Terra and her husband protect he with their lifes and go to somewhere away from the Empire, hiding themselves, the boy grows up and the little magic in his body grows with him too, in a time, his body blows up the magic and the world get magic again, Terra regained her magics and now she goes in a journey with his son, to destroy again the empire, in the middle of the story she meets again his father that was in another world due the dissipation of the magic from our World, and Terra and her son start getting the Espers again because the empire is trying another time to drain magic power from the espers... there's a lot more but i don't even know if this is gonna be replied by them, well, i think this is a dream of every fanactic for FF VI and FF III. What do you think? Lets pray to God that the SQUARE ENIX do a game for the Gameboy or SNES again, this game! WOULD BE PERFECT! OH my i dream with that everynight since i meet the ending of FF VI!

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    That would suck.

    The way the game ends, pretty much killing the one person that embodies god himself/herself and making a sequel after that would not be good.

    Mat Pat from game theory sums up why kefka is god at the end of the game pretty nicely.

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    The only thing I would like to see with FFVI (the best FF) is a hard version (where enemies have 2x as much stats (bosses stats x3 ~final boss and ultimate weapon stats x5). I would also like to see 2 more extra dungeons (esper world dungeon: Stop Undead Ghestahl from destroying the esper world (would last at least 5 hours) ~ ending will end the game with an alternate ending; and Dream world dungeon where we learn even more about shadow and gogo's origins and give gogo a real purpose). This would also affect Shadow's ending in the game if completed. Dream world would provide powerful weapons (but not overpowered) that would induce limit break attacks more easily. While Esper World would contain very powerful enemies that can't be defeated unless you have been using your esper bonuses wisely. Esper world's normal enemies would consist of powerful versions of espers, kaiser dragons, and omega weapons and you would not be able to use summons in this world. Dream world would disable the usage of the Attack command.

    I would also like to see 2 extra playable characters: chocobo (buyable from auction at a really high price only if you have Mog and Umaro in the WoR) and Imp (found somewhere in the world like Yuffi on FF7). Imp would be Gau's friend and only gettable if you have gau in the WoR. This way no team would be uneven. When getting chocbo and imp, they would have a section added in the game in order to tell their backstories and would also have an ending when the last boss is beaten and have it feel natural. Versions of chcobo's weapons and armor would be bought in chocobo shops in towns (saddle, claw, and beak) like in CD for PS1.

    When gathering friends on the WoR, when certain things are met, when each person masters their internal problems, each set of related individuals would also learn 1 4-man team attack. 4 in all that would break the damage limit and be based on stats that they excel in. You also won't be able to continue after kefka or gehstahl so you can only get 2 atma weapons. You would also only be able to get one of each special weapon/armor when defeating the dragon's den.

    Terra, Celes, Locke, and Setzer = 1 team attack based on speed
    Umaro, Mog, Choco, and Imp = 1 team attack based on luck
    Relm, Strago, Gogo, and Shadow = 1 team attack based on magic
    Edgar, Sabin, Cyan, and Gau = 1 team attack based on strength

    Lastly, after beating kefka and are escaping, if certain things have been met in the game, before the team can escape to the airship, the team left on the airship must defeat a final form of kefka (my vision is for it to look similar to the final version of Ultimecia from FF8 ~ a weakened kefka but more powerful version). If you are killed, the credits keep rolling and you will get a bad ending where kefka kamikazes the world and everyone dies and the team left on the continent are blown up because the airship didn't get there on time. If you win, then the credits proceed as normal.

    That sounds better than a sequel.
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