FF13 1 and 2 are the worst ports I have ever seen, the performance is absolutely unacceptable. Square Enix where is your pride? Where is your respect for the fans who pay your bills?

I bought all three FF13 games on steam. Because I have been a big Final Fantasy fan for years and when I saw them on Steam at very affordable prices I thought "Of course I will buy them, they always run perfectly, great storyline, great gameplay always". I was wrong and Square Enix betrayed my trust in them.

I haven't even tried FF13-3 so I can't speak for that game. But the first two have absolutely horrific performance issues, they are unplayable and unacceptable quality, to even be allowed to be sold on Steam. I searched on all the forums and webpages I could find to try improve the performance, I did all the tricks and changed all the options that people suggested. Some changes improved the performance slightly, the best I could get was getting it where instead of consistently dropping from 60fps all the way down as low as 20fps, it instead goes slow motion. That was the best I could do.

I contacted their support, all they did was send me copy paste replies about "have I turned off my firewall and anti-virus/ gotten latest graphics drivers/ latest windows updates/ turning of non OS essential processes/ validate installation" I did each of those as they asked me to, they of course made no difference to performance because it isn't my PC it is the game. Each email they sent did not address what I had sent in the previous message, all were literally copy and paste replies. What a disappointment and slap in the face.

Since purchasing the first two games in December 2014 I have gotten an even better PC and tried the games again. Still unplayable frame rate dips that make the experience painful. How is the game allowed to be sold on Steam? Why hasn't this issue been fixed? Many others have reported the exact same issues and there is no true fix.

Square Enix please restore my faith in you, I want to play and enjoy your games. Please stop spitting in my face and stealing my money with faulty products and fix these bad ports.

My PC specs:
OS: windows 10 x64 (installed on SSD)
CPU: intel I7 - 7700K @ 4.20Ghz (8 CPUS)
RAM: 64GB DDR4 - 2400
Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080TI 11 GDDR5X