I picked up RotTR on the humble bundle and just finished it last night. For many of the reasons that have probably already been discussed to death on these forums, I came away pretty disappointed (doesn't really feel like Tomb Raider, too much combat, not enough puzzles, game is a clone of TR2013, scripted/quicktime events, etc).

So I was thinking about what kind of Tomb Raider game I would want to play. I really enjoy the LEGO TellTale games and realized that the format used by those games would actually be ideal for Tomb Raider.

The specific format I'm thinking of is a relatively large overworld (or even more than one) with instanced missions that can be played in story mode or freeplay. The overworld(s) should be large enough to support driving vehicles around them, and have a reasonably large number of optional puzzles and side areas to explore to unlock new gear/artifacts.

In story mode for a mission, you don't get to choose your equipment for the mission and will necessarily not be able to fully explore the level/tomb. After completing the story, the level can be replayed with whatever equipment/characters/skins/etc have been unlocked to be able to get into new areas and fully discover everything.

Croft Manor could be the main hub world that has display cases for all the artifacts that have been discovered and training areas (like in the original 1996 Tomb Raider) along with some fun secret areas around the premises (and maybe even a mission).

There could be 3 or 4 other hub areas in different geographic areas around the world, for example one could be in the middle east desert somewhere, another could be in southeast asia in the jungles, another in the mountains, and one on the coast near a sunken city. Each hub would have several missions associated with it and plenty of challenges and helpful collectibles in the area.

Anyways, those are just my random thoughts on how the Tomb Raider series could benefit from the LEGO game structure. Let me know what you think.