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Thread: Official Tomb Raider:eqinox Spirit thread

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    Official Tomb Raider:eqinox Spirit thread

    This is my new game That I'm Creating.
    I'm looking for some anyone interested in help out in a major game called TOMB RAIDER: EQINOX SPIRIT

    Outfit Designers
    2.Obsessive attitude

    Level creators
    1.TRANGEL(eqinox station)

    Title Screen Creator

    Texture desingers

    Let me tell more about the game.
    Lara is in the future. where universal
    domination is in the mind of this evil villian.
    Lara wants to get rid of this evil before
    The Universe is corrupted.

    One special level I want is the Planet Jupiter!!
    and a command station(EQINOX FORCE) I might do this one LOL

    This is very big and i'm going to need some major help.
    so if you want to join the team just post a reply with your email
    address and what you want to do so I can put you on the team.


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    cool ideas!

    hey trangel, these are ace ideas - i would love to help you out but i just have so much work on at the moment with my university course that if i joined i wouldnt be able to commit 100% and really thats not good enough.

    But I thought I'd reply and at the same time bump the topic so more people notice it - it sounds like a really good idea!

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    What type of outfits are you looking for, exactly, and what is the deadline for them?(im not very quick at making them! lol)

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    What ever happened to the other 2 projects you were working on? I had made some outfits for them but I never heard anything about it since

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    I don't know I had this projects but they fail apart like that I started them and Then I had to rebot my computer loosing any unsaved files. I thought it would be good to do another project so I choose this one.
    plus if you want you can use those outfits for this project.

    TO ObsessiveAttitude

    The outfits i'm looking for are cool futuristic designs something
    different from what lara wears like a those shorts and tanktop.
    whatever outfit you design I'm sure I will kind of alter it, but it is still yours.

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    Sounds intresting, Im planning/building 2 series now though, but good luck with making the levels and things! Its a good storyline.

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    OK!!! ill start planning my outfit tomorrow! im probably gonna add a few custom meshes..... is there any particular colours you want? Do you want the backpack to stay the same? And when do you want the outfit by?(wow that was a lot of questions at once! lol)

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    Here are two screens from my mars level
    notice the new outfit. I'm fixing it up so it will look alittle better.

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