So I'm on my first play through trying to get Pacifist & Foxiest of Hounds on Easy, then on my "I never asked for this" run I'm going to do whatever the heck I want & not have to worry about it but..

I'm coming across a weird problem, don't know if its because I haven't updated my game yet but I'm on the Samizdat mission where you need to get into the Bank CEO's office. And I'm getting there with Cloak on, using the vents, avoiding being seen & heard as far as I know. Even using Multi-Tools so I don't have to hack..

But once I get to the office & collect the evidence I need from the desk, I only get the Completion & Ghost Bonus, not Smooth Operator. Which is strange cause I've seen 2 video guides list it, but playstation trophies (which I'm using) doesn't.

And for Foxiest Hound do I really need the Smooth Operator if I get Ghost? Isn't Ghost technically mean you didn't even get seen? So whats going on here?