Dear Square Enix,

Please remove the Denuvo Anti-Tamper software (or should I call it MALWARE) from LIS:BtS. Denuvo is ANTI-consumer; it makes it difficult (impossible) to play the game without an internet connection, because from time to time it requires reauthentication. Requiring an internet connection for OFFLINE SINGLE PLAYER games is anti-consumer. Also, if you change your PC's hardware due to an upgrade you must authenticate with Denuvo servers every time you receive an update and you must also open the game once while connected to the internet after each update.

Also, if Denuvo shuts down their servers permanently, the game cannot be played.

Please embrace the model of TellTale. They published their games on GOG and Steam (without Denuvo) and they were highly appreciated / they sold. It is sad that a similar game (Life is Strange) cannot be found on GOG. Just take a look at Witcher 3, with no DRMs, is possible the best game in the last 10 years and has sold millions of copies (big respect to CDPR).

Seriously, adding DRM to a 17 euro game? I will boycott every Square Enix product containing Denuvo Anti Tamper and I will encourage everyone I know to do that (and I am an influential person with a large number of acquaintances/followers).

And last but not least, I am a game developer myself. And I have to say that we, the developers (people who ACTUALLY love video games, most being against DRMs) , deserve more respect from publishers and I hope that in the future our word will matter more for the publisher than it matters today.