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    I'm surprised this popular game haven't been Remaster/Remake for Steam PC and Playstation 4! I love the storyline and combat system, the Martial Art Turn Based RPG..

    I wouldn't mind if they add some more Side Quests. Would like to see vast improve Graphic, Storyline, of course fancy Turn Based Martial art moves JRPG.

    My Question is....How come this game "Xenogears" haven't been brought up on Square Enix?!? Old players like myself and many others would buy this game within a heartbeat, and many new role player would love to see what they're missing out from good old days.

    Square Enix, Any plan on this Awesome RPG call "Xenogears"?

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    Yay? Nay?

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    Basically any PSX's SQUARE JRPG would be great to see as a remaster. I Konw we cannot count on remakes like FF7, because they cost milions of $, but if they could make a remakes as they did with FF4 I would be more than happy. New high res textures, new 3D models and rest could stay the same. I would probably buy all of them. Even more since not all of them were released in Europe (Chrono Cross or Xeanogears).

    Yesterday i visited Balamb Garden in Wolrd of Final Fantasy. I feel like playing this game again. Those PSX era JRPGs were nothing less than magical. Everything was new, revolutionary. Games could be designed good, not only to earn a lot of money.

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    Xenogears was a classic RPG, I would love to see a remake of it. I love the combat system. I feel with the faster style of gameplay that we are evolving toward, I would like to see this games combat systems switch to action RPG. In, addition, creating a open world environment as well. Heck, I would love to play as ID for once!