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Thread: Happy 5th anniversary - Sleeping Dogs!

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    Cool Happy 5th anniversary - Sleeping Dogs!

    Sleeping Dogs

    First time when I heard about You was back in 2009 at VGA '09. You were simply named 'True Crime' back then.

    After waiting for a sequel of my favorite game - True Crime: New York City, You were a dream which came true. And even though You were not originally going to be a True Crime game, I should be thankful for the attached name as this is how i learned about Your existence.

    After Your announcement, i received little to no details about You, although the scheduled release date of Fall 2010 was coming closer and closer.

    It was no surprise for You to be delayed as the lack of information and development status was really concerning. I thought that delaying You was for the better.

    Turns out, only a half year later You were cancelled. I was shocked, angry, full of rage.

    'The game I waited for so long will never be released.'

    I couldn't accept that, so joining a group of fans who wanted to bring back this game seemed like the only choice.

    We did everything possible to get You to see the beautiful sunrise of this world.

    We contacted publishers, Your developers by phone, e-mail, tried to get attention by signing petition.

    There were crazy, fun and exciting adventures of bringing You back. There was so much passion and love involved trying to bring You back. Amazing times and memories.

    One morning, when i read the news that You were brought back, i couldn't be more happy or excited. I was full of tears and joy.

    Later on, You were finally given a name that would be the true identity we know and love, You became Sleeping Dogs.

    This is how the SD Wiki was born, movie documentary and my community involvement.

    Thanks for everything, Sleeping Dogs.

    Have the best anniversary ever!

    Your dawg,

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    When will your supporters be getting a sleeping dogs 2!!!!!there is so much support for this game and yet we still await this blessing.


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    Couldn't have said it better myself! Keep it real M!

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