Hello SE Support Team,

When scrolling at Facebook, i saw an ads showing "Final Fantasy Awakening" (which is supposed to be Final Fantasy Agito that has closed the JP version several years ago) and claims that they has official Square-Enix's Licensing and it's Fanpage available in Indonesian Language.

I still don't know this is real or not, for what region did they release, is it SEA only or Global or even Indonesian only? I don't even know. No media information, no press release, even SE didn't announce anything right?

So, is this "Final Fantasy Awakening" is really licensed by SE or just Private Server or even just a scam site? Since for pre-registration, they want us to enter our mobile number.

Company: Efun
Fanpage Link: https://web.facebook.com/efunidff/
Pre-register Link: https://ffid.efunen.com/event/subscribe/index-id.html