My character two character have 1145 hp each but one of my familliars have 2336 hp and the other 1879 hp and the last one 1668 hp. My character have 90 to 130 physic damage and 80 to 110 magic damage but my best familliars have 284 physic damage and 139 magic damage and my second better have 206 physic damage and 77 magic damage and my third better have 144 physic damage and 66 magic damage. All my familliars is at his maximum level (level 20) and my character level 26 in battle the monster cant even beat on of my familliars. Battle my character is totally useleeeeeeeeeeess and my familliars do all the work they are so useful. Is it normal the my familliars is WAAAAAYYYY better than my character?