I ask myself a lot of question about this Hitman which is excellent but ... very frustrating for a lot of reasons: why is there no more varied and 'exotic' weapons in the whole game? (Revolver, uzi ... etc) such like the other episodes, why we can not use 2 silverballers or 2 weapons in each hand ? Why we can not use a human shield, why there is no sniper briefcase? Why the gameplay is not more fleshed out? (More interesting fighting system, disarming enemies, using weapons to kill or knock out an enemy sitting on a chair, possibly crawling in ventilation ducts such as absolution ... etc), why some animations is not Not improved since the time ? ... I hope that season 2 will not be a simple continuity of the first season with just news environment and the same gameplay not improve, please IOI make the game that the whole of fans want !