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Thread: End of Season - Idea for ETs

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    End of Season - Idea for ETs

    First off, I am aware that there are a myriad of threads concerning this topic, and many of the opinions that people have.
    Regardless, it would be a nice touch if, supposing a second season was proposed/released, an achievement-less version of the Elusive Targets could be made available. I admit that I bought the game late and that means it is my fault I missed them, but it would be nice to walk around the custom level setups for these targets to take in all of the work that they put in to some of the best ETs.
    I would understand (and even suggest) that it be impossible to unlock the achievements and outfits related to them. I would just like to experience some of my favourites again.

    Open to opinions, guys. Let's see what you think.

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    Yep. I agree.

    I've had Hitman from the beginning but have missed or failed quite a few elusive targets.

    Would be great if it was possible to replay them all even if you don't unlock anything doing so.

    Seems a shame that all that work goes into making these elusive targets like getting voice actors recording lines and then once you fail, win or run out of time for a target you can never play them again.

    Would love to be able to replay a lot of the elusive targets like the gary busy one for instance. Found that one quite funny.

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