Gameplay-wise and graphic-wise it looks cool from what you've shown to us, thus far! (although I hope you'll balance gameplay well, so, for example, spamming: Summons, Flowmotion or Reaction Commands won't be the easiest way to beat your enemies)

What worries me though, are 2 things:

1. Worlds being empty. And by that I mean lack of NPCs, not being able to meet characters/creatures other than enemies while exploring those gigantic places you teased us with during the trailers.
That lack-of-NPCs thing struck me when I was playing remastered version of DDD - as I was exploring La Cite des Cloches I felt there was something wrong here; there wasn't a single person in the TOWN! Same goes with the stands in Olympus Coliseum of every single game that world has been in!
In other words: make places lively where they definitely should be, please!

2. Near the end each game, you always gave us some secret bosses to fight against, which, probably everyone likes about your games! I agree with those people, BUT, this time, you could give us something more - like new locations to explore, hidden in the worlds we already explored (much like KH2FM's Radiant Garden where you could re-fight against Organization XIII members). And at the end of each of those locations there would be a boss battle! You could add to those places some mini-games too, I dunno, just make sure we'll be able to enjoy the game after finishing it, without repetitive grinding and such. And DO. NOT. DO. THAT. IN. A. FORM. OF. A. DLC. PLEASE.