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Thread: Burn Baby Burn - Challenge GLITCH???

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    Exclamation Burn Baby Burn - Challenge GLITCH???


    I've ran into a glitch for the Burn Baby Burn challenge. I've got one last fire to light but the trebuchet that reaches the tower rotates in the opposite direction as it should. It will rotate into the mountain and out the other side just far enough to light the opposite side tower on fire. As opposed to rotating out towards the city below. I have tried rotating the trebuchet all the way around, it will not allow me to. see Youtube videos below for references

    Can anyone help me with this?!? Is this a glitch or am i a noob, did i miss another trebuchet? I tried climbing the weight to the other trebuchet but it does reach this one due to the mountain.

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    You missed the first trebuchet...i also have the xbox one version,but i don't have any problem wharsoever...with first trebuchet you should light at least three of them,includind the one you have problems with.

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