So earlier this month I decided to start playing TR again. I was going through the point where the helicopter which is supposed to rescue you, the first time is crashing and you're running through a village and jumping because the village is falling apart. I jump onto one of the balance beams which used to be the frame of a house and I get booted off of the game. I tried again and it did the same thing. I think maybe I went some place I wasn't supposed to and the game couldn't handle it. So, I tried again going where I was supposed to and it says I have a corrupt save file. I tried all manner of fixings for this and nothing worked so I deleted the save file and started over.

The next thing is I got to where I was supposed to and continued in the game. I was at shipwreck beach heading to climb to eventually you get to what I think was the ritual chamber. Previously I had saved at the camp and as always I wait for the TR logo to stop flashing before I go to the main menu and eject the disc, etc. The next time I go to play the game loads and when it should be done you get the famous error message with a blue screen. I don't understand this, because I did what I normally did to make sure my game saved and usually it works fine.

I mean I know this game is loaded with glitches but I figured by now they would be fixed.