Is FF6 and FF14 the same world over 10,000 years later? Many small details point to yes.
- Magitek - Garleans developed their magitek based off the technology of the allagan. The Empire created magitek technology and has since then had several hundred years to continue advancing the tech until they themselves seemingly vanished from existence.
- Triple Triad - These exact same statues exist in both games. Same pose, same triangle to balance their power except the statue of Zurvan and Sephirot have switched places.
- Landmass - The shape and position of the continents was greatly effected by the positioning of the statues of the Triple Triad. The Triad has been replaced into their triangle to balance their power however with 2 of them in switched location would explain small indescrepencies in how and where the land reformed. In some cases having completely moves towns from the north side of a continent far off the coast to the south.
- Locations - Not far from Ala Mhigo (Figaro) is a ruin castle underground, much like Odin's castle in FF6.
- Galemald is in roughly the same location that Narshe would have been after the continents reformed.
- Doma although slightly misplaced is also in the same location it was before.
- Gridania built in the forest of the north western continent after having 10,000 years for the forest to expand in size.
- Ul'dah, a city of merchants being in the same location as Jidor which is the only town to have action house and bring in a heavy flow of merchants and wealthy people.
- Floating Continent having broken into pieces it never did crash down onto the surface. Instead it remained floating making up the lands of Sea of Clouds and Churning Mist. While the Empire (Allagan) recognize the dangers of the Triple Triad statues develop technology and use a few pieces of the floating continent to create Azys Lla and isolate it from the world.
- Doma - Same Kingdom in both games. While in FF6 Doma only had a small handful of survivors. The rebuilding of the kingdom would have revitalized the lore and history of that kingdom making it less likely for their history and name to have changed in 10,000+ years.
- Limsa Lominsa - Limsa's Island was once a den of rouges and thieves until pirates took over and began using it as a place to horde their treasure. eventually building a city there. Zozo was a city of thieves. Having not reconnected with its original landmass due to 2 of the Triple Triad having switched places became a perfect place for pirates to take over.
- Espers - In FF6 Espers already had a history of living with humans but then being betrayed by humans. Having been imprisoned and murdered so humans could steal their power. This led Espers to create a pocket dimension for themselves so they could live in peace.
However not all Espers fled there, such as Ramuh who understood humans better than the others and recognized that not all were murderous and evil. Which is why in FF14 Ramuh does not instinctively want to harm humans. Meanwhile the other Espers that did live in their own dimension will have had over 10,000 years of passed down history of species from the human dimension being vicious and evil wishing to harm them and steal their power. Thus making any Primals summoned immediately want to defend themselves from whomever summoned them.
- 12 Gods - FF6 had 14 characters, 2 of which were not human. Mog having regathered the moogles decides to take them to section of the flying continent (Churning Mists) to build a home for themselves. Umaro being the last of his species and aggressive by nature may have found a sub species of yeti to mate with. Leaving the 12 human characters who "saved the world". Through 10,000 years of stories passing into legend some of the specifics about these people would have been altered, leading to misinterpretations of their gender, familiarity with each other, tools they used, and hobbies. But still just enough details to connect them as the 12 Gods or Eorzea.