I thought that Stormblood would be a great opportunity for me to get back into the world of FFXIV, and this time bring my daughter with me who has been begging to find a game we can play together. On Friday, June 16th, I buy the expansion for my account through steam, and I buy the full version of the game including expansions from the Square store directly as my daughter doesn't have her own steam account and I didn't want there to be any issues with it. Immediately following my purchase, my credit card gets charged, and the transaction on the store says PENDING. Okay, I wait a couple of hours and it is still pending. So I email them, say WTF, you took my money, but no game? several hours later, and go to bed.

I wake up Saturday morning and get an email that it appears everything has gone through and to just respond to the email if I had any other questions. So I follow the directions to install the game, and when it comes to the part to ask me for a code, the instructions tell me to click a link for my code and I basically get put in a loop of returning me over and over to the same pages, with no code to be found. So as requested, I reply to the email at around 10:30 am. At around 6pm, when I have had no response, I log in to the online chat. It tells me that the wait is 5 hours, and I think that is fine, it is Father's Day tomorrow so if I stick it out I will be able to play with my daughter for some of it. I wait patiently all evening, checking every 15 to 20 minutes to see what the wait looks like.

At 11:28pm, the wait showed as 29:58 and I am into checking every 10 minutes or so now. With absolutely no sound or anything to indicate that the chat was opened, "Agent Joey" came on at 11:36 and said let me review your question. At 11:37 he said Can you give me more detail, are you still there? then closed the chat at 11:38.

After a 5.5 hour wait, they disconnected inside of 2 minutes and I have the screenshots to prove it, as well as the email that I sent within 7 minutes to prove I was right there (it took me a few minutes to compose the email with screenshots of the chat and some of my upset rambling. I will admit at this point that what I wrote had a few expletives, but it was hard to describe how incredibly frustrated I was at this point without them.

All Sunday, with my daughter asking when we were going to play, I say probably not today as they have not replied to either of my emails. On Monday I get home from work, 55 hours after my first reply and I still have no repsonses. I go online, create a ticket and at 5:45 I get on the phone to wait on hold so I can have a conversation with a someone to hopefully get an answer to my problems. (On a side note as long as we are talking about experiences, the 1 hour hold experience was a generic recording, your call is important to us, next available rep, blah blah blah, followed by a phone ringing over and over, back to recording, back to phone ringing. Incredibly annoying but at this point, what more could I expect?) Finally, over an hour later, a gentlemen comes on the phone and says something incredibly muffled. I said "Excuse me?" and he asks for my ticket number. I give him the number and he asks me what my problem is. I explain that I bought the game and I never got a code. He asks me what version I bought and I tell him. He says that one doesnt come with an early access, the code will get emailed later. I lose it, after 3 days of trying to get in, nobody can say "you need to wait until this day to install the game?" Sorry sir, sorry sir, sorry sir. I tell him I am beyond frustrated and I want my money back, he says "I cant help you with that, you will have to .." and I lose it, you are not directing me to someone else, I describe what I have gone through to get to this point. After my description of the online chat incident he says "I am sorry sir but we can't wait all day for customers, we have other people to help."

Well I lose it again, I said after a 5 and half hour wait you can't wait for " and he cuts me off and says "I am sorry.." and I lose it again. "I have waited 3 days on emails, almost 6 hours on chat, and over an hour on the phone to try and resolve this, you will not cut me off and give me 2 minutes to say what I have to say. He apoligizes, asks me to continue and I finish my story. He once again says he cant help me. I tell him I want to speak with his supervisor and he says his supervisor won't be able to help me. I say I want to speak to him anyways and he says he will see what he can do. A couple of minutes later he comes back and says his supervisor wont come on because he cant help me get my money back. I say that's not why I want to talk to him, I want to describe my customer experience and how I have been treated to this point to his supervisor. He apologizes again, I say stop apologizing and get me a supervisor. He leaves, comes back a few minutes later and says that he's sorry but a supervisor won't talk to me. I said, okay, I know this conversation is being recorded, can I have a copy of it sent to me. He says sorry but he cant do that and he says he has to leave to help other customers. I say in a very raised voice "Help? how are you going to help other people? Are you going to tell them there is nothing you can do? Is that what he considered help?" and he disconnected the call.

I am left with no ideas on what to take next, but I am going to share this story with as many people as I can until I find a way to contact someone who actually cares about my experience. I am guessing this is not the place, but hopefully others get a chance to read this if they are considering spending money on this game and maybe give it a second thought.

Thanks for Reading,
Incredibly Disappointed Customer