Thread: Issue on Square Enix Store

Issue on Square Enix Store

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    Question Issue on Square Enix Store

    Good morning everyone,

    I'm trying to buy something in Square Enix store and ship it to a friend in Toronto - CANADA, but all credit cards i try return error below. BTW, the 3 credit cards are valid and usable...

    ""There is an error with your credit card. You may have mistakenly entered a wrong card number or a wrong security code (CVV). Please verify and correct your card details or thy another paymento method"

    I just try VISA, MASTER CARD and AMEX credit cards, but all return this error... I already call to my credit card operator, and dont have any problem with my cards... They (credit card operator) said that there is no recorded attempt to use the card, so it seems that the site does not even try to finalize the purchase.

    Can u guys help me, please?

    Waiting for answer...


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    Did you have any luck after waiting a while? I've been trying for an hour with the same results, 2 cards and PayPal keeps timing out. T^T