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Thread: So How Did Himiko Have Ancestors?

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    So How Did Himiko Have Ancestors?

    I mean I know that it would have had to have been through any children she might have had and their children had children, etc. Or, if Himiko had siblings but I kind of feel like if she was so ruthless she may have killed her siblings so they wouldn't stop her in her obsession for power, etc.

    I've just always sort of wondered how Sam can be Himiko's ancestor. I know it doesn't outright say the answer and I guess it can be anyone's guess but I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts are.
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    I really like that you are interested in the game story, I feel the same way, whenever I find an awesome game or movie, I always want to understand all the small details in it. I feel like it is kind of important somehow, cant help this obsession of mine
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