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Thread: My Pre-owned copy of Hero's Ruin won't link

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    My Pre-owned copy of Hero's Ruin won't link

    So, I don't really want to buy a brand new copy of a game I already played and own, and the only copy they had was pre-owned. Well, apparently, the person who owned it before me didn't even delete his save file, but took out the code to register the game with. I deleted the save file, and I can't register. I've tried finding a QR code online, but no luck. Tried contacting Customer Support; again, no luck. There is nothing on the game case or inside it resembling a QR code or any sort of code at all, linking or otherwise. I don't know how to prove to Square Enix that I own this game, because I can't link it at all; they won't let me without a QR code, nor will they let me talk to them. Thanks in advance if you're not cruel.

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    The online features are long since discontinued, so linking would serve no purpose. Back in the day it would track your stats and show them off on your profile page, as well as supply certain quests. Good stuff.

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