Hopefully this is the right place to post this. Let me know if there's a specific suggestions thread and I'll repost.

I just purchased 1.5 + 2.5 for PS4 and I'm very impressed with how well the game holds up after 15 years. The only issue I've had--which I feel like would be easy to remedy with a patch--is the camera rotation (in KH1 in particular, but I haven't played the other entries yet and I imagine they have a similar issue).

Camera rotation in the original was performed with shoulder buttons. Since shoulder buttons don't have the nuance of a stick, heavy aim acceleration was used to allow the player to adjust how fast they wanted the camera to rotate. However, in this day and age, heavy aim acceleration on the right stick feels sluggish and imprecise. I feel like this could be adjusted easily with a patch because it wouldn't affect any other game assets the same way frame rate changess, etc, would. I don't know about the rest of you, but I would love to see:

1) Removal of the dead zone (right now if you push the stick, the camera doesn't begin to rotate until the stick has moved about a half inch)

2) No aim acceleration (rotation speed adjusted simply by how far the player moves the stick)

3) No remnant movement (the camera keeps rotating for a half second after you let go of the stick)

This quick fix would make the game feel snappy and modern. And if anyone likes the old-school movement, it would be great to see an option button, or maybe even a sensitivity bar one day.

Anywho, thanks for reading and keep making great games!