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Thread: Maps too big/Target walk cycles too long

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    Smile Maps too big/Target walk cycles too long

    On some maps a walk cycle can be upwards of 15-30 minutes, that is way too long. Aint nobogy got time for that and programming that must be INSANE! Please consider if a walk cycle is more than maybe 10 or so minutes making that a redline to not cross in the future since it leaves our fellow hitman standing around doing nothing. Doing nothing isnt fun at all, not that long at least...

    Im sure many would prefer smaller more personalized maps which would also cut down on this excessive wait time due to how massive these maps are. I dont think a Hitman game needs such HUGE maps since its all about different contracts and different places to do lots of different stuff.

    It should be less work to make smaller maps and maybe also be more fun to us? Smaller personalized maps with unique features would be more visually entertaining instead of how the assets are so reused many areas just look the exact same.

    P.S. This game sufferes massive performance issues for many, wouldnt the easiest solution just be smaller area with less stuff? For example instead of say 10 birds why not one or just two? Deus Ex has this same problem right from the start with endless birds everywhere, what is that about anyways? Less crap means less strain for anyone and it just looks ridiculous anyways...

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    I don't think any targets have 15-30 minute routines. Sometimes there routine/walk cycle may change based on something you do, but nothing that takes that long.

    And personally I think the large maps are a positive thing. Gives more possibilities for elusive targets, player made contracts and bonus missions. Hokkaido is probably the smallest map and I think it is fine, but any smaller and it would get boring quick. I think sapienza and the larger maps are fun. Not perfect, very good.

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    Love the idea of being able to create characters out of available contracts but having HUNDREDS more people in a map too big seems way overkill. Another problem I think is when these maps get so HUGE the locations are unique but many areas end up looking or feeling the same, reused interiors, rooms that all look the same.

    Smaller maps with alot of people could give the ability to have lots of targets and a unique feel. Smaller areas would also be more fun since more time could be spent on personalizing the areas instead of all the time spent making all those extra assets to truely create more exotic locales with more to do, and as a hitman player having more to do would be great or more places to go.

    Would love say an art gallery, not a whole museum for example. An italian restaraunt instead of a city, for example in sapienza an expanded version of the ice cream shop rich in details. There is alot of great art talent at SE and would love to see them be free to be unleashed to create these places instead of overworked it seems creating just stuff that all kinda looks the same like in Bangkok or Paris or even Hokkaido where many rooms all look the same, entire areas all look the same. If a room has no unique quality then the room basically serves no purpose other than like empty filler dialog in a movie maybe?

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    Disagree, though I must confess I've been thinking about it too. Maps should be big by different reasons:
    1. you can't come up with too many different locations - they will look the same.
    2. you can't provide many opportunities in small location, if you do that - it will probably be far fetched and ridiculous.
    When you create a big location you don't need to add anything far fetched, you just make something realistic and add details where you need - with bigger map size there inevitably will be more different stuff.

    The game has performance issues but it's another problem. Last time I played the Yacht level - it worked slower than Paris, though Paris is 10x bigger.

    If you want smaller maps - there's Hitman:Absolution for you. People complained a lot about small maps and few ways to do the job.

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    I have no problem with the huge maps, the bigger the better, as long as there's interaction and events to fill it up......but I'm 100% against cycles and walking the same routes over and over, it's unrealistic.

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    Are you retarded? Finally we have big open maps, and generally everyone loves the Episode 1 and 2 most (largest maps). And you ask for smaller maps... Jesus christ I hope IOI doesn't listen to bellends like you.

    Use the savegame function, solved. Bigger the better

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    especially Marrakesh, I LOOOOVVVVEEE how huge that map is and how it feels like it's own open world game. I Respect small maps but by all means, give me the huge areas I can Live in.

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