On Feb 10 of this year I was playing MP trying to knock out some achievements and I completed reaching level 10, escaping death 3 times using the rope ascender and purchasing a new MP character. I noticed these were not unlocking. I contacted xbox support and they said they were going through problems and it will be ok once fixed. Live has been fixed but they have not unlocked. I went through the steps support advised me and it did not work.

I deleted my profile and added it back on, the catch is I have to redo the achievements. This worked for two of my games but not this one. I played MP more, I'm now at level 13, I bought another MP character and did the rope ascender thing again, but they did not unlock. Yesterday I played and got two new achievements so it's not that everything is broken just the three achievements I completed when live was having problems. Any help unlocking them would be greatly appreciated.