I have a Steam pc game bug

I have Mobius Final Fantasy on 2 computers and two devices with two email addresses. I love the game that much. However, the main game that I play is on my main pc and it runs great to my knowledge, except for the occasional close crash, the mobiusff.exe stopped responding message.

On my laptop, which has my secondary account, however, every time I use an ultimate or try and multiplayer the game slows to a crawl for almost a minute and resumes. This is deadly in multiplayer. Furthermore, on the multiplayer it quits responding, forcing me to close it. I try to resume on the pc and it connects to the same battle, which is normal, but I cannot do anything but attack. I can't even hit my cards, nor the action lock, it simply times out and I attack, which is utterly useless. And yet, it plays well on the the main computer, which has a great video card. I have the laptop playing on low graphics for speed, so it's not that. You really need to address this issue.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!