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Thread: Pay full price get the full game (elusive targets)

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    Pay full price get the full game (elusive targets)

    I pre-ordered the game. I missed the elusive targets (reason not relevant) but since I played full price I demand full game. It is annoying more than anything. I even willing to pay just to get the full game but until IO fix this I won't buy any IO games and that is what I can suggest to everyone who annoyed because of this.

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    To be fair I think the clue with Elusive Targets is in the name. I think accessing the previous Elusive Targets was a reward to users who took the gamble of buying either a Season Pass or buying episodes at a time. From what I understand there are going to be plenty more.

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    You do have the full game. You didn't pay for each individual target, but for the mode, "elusive targets". So technically, you have everything what you paid for.
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    It was obvious that these complains will be posted. If you didn't want to miss any target you had the choice to buy the game, or single episodes earlier. You didn't support the game, so you missed em. Don't cry, there will be several more targets. I think they will do as much targets as retail buyers need to get all the challenges unlocked.

    And if you keep crying you just don't understand what elusive means.

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    Preordered but ever bothered playing until now due to all the neg press online about how bad the game runs. Once these elusive targets are released just leave em in game. Why make it if only for a limited time anyways, there arent many targets to begin with in the game, every hitman needs more targets

    Just did the surgeons, first elusive targets ever. Very fun! Would love to play it repeatedly like other missions doing all kinds of diff stuff. Limiting our time to play something that clearly took time to make seems like a bad decision since we hitman fans do like replaying missions over and over and over and over and over and over xDDD

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    I think it would be best to add all those Elusive Targets as re-playable Escalations with separate Leaderboard.
    I think most games will agree.

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    I'm sure they will just rotate older ones for those who just bought the complete season 1 physical edition.

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