Thread: Some constructive feedback on Dragon Quest Builders

Some constructive feedback on Dragon Quest Builders

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    I'm a 40 something and I love playing DQB with my kids. There are some quite funny conversations and the gameplay overall is excellent.

    Some observations:

    1. It's quite annoying that you can't cancel out of a conversation and have to mash the x button all the's very easy to accidentally start the conversation again that way too.
    2. I'd like to be able to decide where I put a blueprint. I should be able to use an existing wall as part of the building if I want to but the current gameplay forces me to unnecessarily demolish the bottom block of an adjacent building/wall.
    3. Triangle is an uncommon attack button and Circle is an uncommon Jump button. Can you please allow different key mappings/configurations?
    4. Please allow use of the control stick to scroll up and down through menu dialogs
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    Yeah I agree with these points. Well worth bearing in mind for any possible sequel.

    Also a list of active quests would be good.

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    I am 41 y/o and personally I love the Dragon Quest Series as I have grew up playing the games over the years. I agree with the poster in regards to the suggestions and I would like to suggest a few of my own.

    1) Construction and Deconstruction of items.
    If an item can be built, Why can you not Scrap or scavenge it to get lesser materials out of it?

    2) Upgrades and Add-on's.
    If we build a room, that is not currently mapped to a recipe, then Why not allow us to make a home-made recipe that allows us to save that room configuration? Then add on to the room as we upgrade it to the next level room.

    3) Blocks.
    For the love of God, please allow us to upgrade Blocks from each stage of Endurance. For example, If I have Dirt, Then why not have a recipe to make Dirt and Water = Clay? Then Add in Copper Ingot to make it Brick. Then Coal to make it Stone. Then Iron to make it Metal. etc etc... Upgrade each type of Stone by making it from different materials,

    4) Cladding.
    Same goes for this, As of right now, Cladding can only be done from Dirt. Why not have Cladding Upgrade any Block type as long as it's an upgrade from the previous type? Example, If I have a Dirt Wall, I should be able to take Brick, Stone, or Flagstone Cladding of any type to upgrade, But If I have a Brick Wall, I am not able to upgrade to anything. I have to tear down the wall and remake it with either Dirt, or the Material I want to have. With Cladding I should be able to upgrade that existing Wall type to the next strongest type, provided that I am trying to upgrade and not downgrade.

    5) Breaking down Materials.
    So many times I have made an abundance of items, trying to prepare for the worse. And So many times I have ran out of room for newer items coming into my inventory. So Why not make it possible to break those items back down to lesser materials so that we can reuse some of the items that we used to have. This is just a reiteration of (1).

    6) Discovery Items (Home-made recipe items), not rooms.
    In the game, I'm sure we all wondered why we couldn't find certain materials to make rooms we want to have. Mainly because it's due to the fact that each Chapter of the game has it's own requirements and theme. However Why not make it to where we could still use certain basic materials as an alternative to make things. Example: To make a comfy stool, I would need to have Wood and Fur (Final Chapter), or Wood and Cotton (Chapter 2). But in Chapter 3, I have no recipe for it. So Why not have a Discovery Room (an Actual Room), for making up our own recipe's by putting things together. For in instance, Let's say a little bit of Grass, Straw, or tuft fur with wood, could potentially make a Comfy Stool.

    7) More Upgrade-able Rooms.
    For this, I'm going to use the Grassy Garden as an Example, (1 Bench, 5 plants, 1 Light source.) I should be able to go in the following order to the upgrade to the next room by adding only a few things. In this case, a Flower Garden. (1 Bench, 5 Flowers, 1 Light Source) It shouldn't matter if I have 5 plants in there. Next Should be Botanical Garden. (1 Bench, 10 Flowers, 5 Plants, 1 Light Source). (All I'm doing is adding 5 more Flowers. Then a Graveyard. (1 Bench, 3 Memorials, 3 Flowers, 1 Light Source). I have all I need except the Memorials. Then finally a Chill-out Room. (1 Bench, 4 Plant Pots, 2 Plants, 2 Flowers, 1 Fireplace). By adding a few Plant Pots, filled with plants and flowers, then add in a Fireplace I should have a Chill-out Room. Regardless of a few Memorials, in the room. (A Little Creepy, yes, but none-the-less) We could even name this a different room. I personally would call it, a Ceremonial Viewing Room. Just as if someone had passed away and you're their to view the body prior to filling a grave. (sounds a bit morbid, I know.)

    8) Blocks of Water.
    So many times, I have tried using a Mote (Water around a Castle) If I could. However this has proven to be dreadful when it come to stronger enemies who are able to bust and break down the walls of your home. Thus flooding your home and getting Water everywhere. You have given us a way to scoop Water with a Bucket. Why not allow for us to be able to take that Water and Transfer it from a Water Source into a Block of Water. Instead of a Scoop of Water, Take 5 Scoops to make a Block of Water? Now add in a Torch or some form of Fire, Cooking Station or Lava Block to make Boiling Water.

    9) Bathrooms, Showers, Bathtubs, etc etc.
    Not once could I make a proper looking bathroom in this game, Please add in a way to have a room recipe for a Proper Bathroom, (1 Bathtub, 1 Sink, 1 Towel Rail, 1 Pot, 1 Mirror, (Mirror, New Item perhaps? haven't seen one of those either), 1 Fancy Light Source)

    10) Extended or Expanded Castle Grids.
    In Dragon Quest Builders, I felt that there wasn't enough room in order to accomplish the things I would like to do in order to make my castle, (home) look good and pretty. I always felt like there was too little of room, and the Monsters would appear right on my front doorstep when attacking for a quest. I would like to be able to extend those premises out further so that we can make a bigger place in square footage as oppose to height and levels of floors.

    11) Finally, If at all possible Would there be a way we could move our Flag? As long as it stays withing the Limits of our Castles.

    12) Please make a Sandbox mode without limits. With the ability to invite others to come inside your game and see everything you've built.

    This is all that I have for now. Thanks for bringing a great epic game back to life with this series. I also feel that this game could potentially make a great mmo, or at the very least, Extended into bigger games with all that is available for Other (Minecraft-likeness) I personally don't like Minecraft. I simply hate that game... But I LOVE Dragon Quest Builders. I find myself spending hours just making things in the game. So Thank you!!
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