I've been trapped in the same mission for two weeks nonstop because of a bug where the Rucker elevator isn't there. I have gone every way around this damn compound to no avail. I ran into marchenko two weeks ago, and then had the prompt from the director to go to the elevator.

Elevator shaft empty.

I literally climbed it to find the said area but there's no cut scene, no objectives, nothing.

I have eight save files and every one of them has the bug. And it's not like the player was given the option to restart the mission from scratch so I have no way of escaping this stupid badly laid out level! I can't believe I've been on this bloody level three hours a day for two weeks, have knocked out all enemies and am literally stuck in limbo.

I'm on PS4 so I can't load a shared save game or cheat my way out. I need help or I need this bug fixed. I am not starting from the beginning of the game after spending two weeks on this stupid mission doing a stealth run.