Kingdom Hearts 0.2 is showing the same Overscan issues as Final Fantasy XV had in the first month after its release. I think this is also the reason why some people have reported black bars around the screen in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, but instead there the issue is that overscan has been turned off.

The problem is as follows: Because of overscan the HUD of 0.2 is cut-off at the edges of the screen. It means that parts of the command menu, Health Bar and mini-map are cut-off. The biggest problem, however, is the fact that the enemy health bar in the upper-corner is almost completely unreadable due to the issue. There's also the problem that I can't see which magic spell or item is mapped to which button in the Shortcuts menu during gameplay.

Of course the issue could be easily solved by turning OFF overscan on my TV when I want to play Kingdom Hearts 0.2, except that I can't. My TV is a Sony LED from 2005. I tried my hardest to find the option on my TV when I had the same issue with Final Fantasy XV, but it's simply not there. I'm sure more people have this issue, like many had the issue with Final Fantasy XV. I also believe it's quite easy to fix because of that. The overscan issue got fixed in a patch around Christmas on Final Fantasy XV by mapping the screen size to the settings of the PS4 and that should probably be the solution for this game as well. Either way, I hope Square Enix will solve this issue once again, because it is making the game somewhat unplayable due to the inability to see the enemy's health bar. It also simply bothers me, as it breaks my immersion into the game and prevents me from enjoying the game.

Below I've provided pictures of the problem: