Thread: I need Square Enix to provide me their definition of “fair”.

I need Square Enix to provide me their definition of “fair”.

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    Unhappy I need Square Enix to provide me their definition of “fair”.

    On November 28, 2016, I purchased several games (Order number: 12559711) through the Square Enix store website during their “Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale” event. One of the games was a special edition that included the base game and four DLC items. For that game, I was provided a single code to activate the product on Steam. However, when I activated it, only the base game was unlocked; not the four DLC items I was promised. In my efforts to remedy this, I have been put through the following nightmare by Square Enix:

    1. I sent a request for assistance through the Square Enix store support page for a solution.
    2. I received a reply on December 4, 2016 instructing me that I had to contact the “Central Customer Support Team” through the official Square Enix site; not the customer support from the store site. I then replied that my issue wasn’t technical but rather an issue with the store itself but they never replied back to that.
    3. After submitting a new request for assistance through the “Central Customer Support Team” on the official Square Enix site, I received the following response: “...the store that handles those issues has their own support system in place to assist with these types of problems.”. So it was as I said to the original support staff, a “store” issue.
    4. I submitted another request for assistance through the store site. I provided them a complete list of the problem I was having and included all relevant details (e.g., user account, order number, etc.) and informed them of the response that the “Central Customer Support Team” gave me. On December 20, 2016, I received a reply stating: “As I can see on our website all Day1 Edition unlock codes will be packed inside the game. I will escalate your issue in order to investigate and to get fixed your issue.”
    5. After no continued contact, I submitted another request for assistance on December 27, 2016. This response was from a different individual that informed me: “My name is [redacted] and I will be helping you from here onwards. I apologize for the confusion and for also sending you back and forth. I will see what I can do for you, please bear with me and I will get back to you as soon as possible with an appropriate soluction {sic}.”
    6. After no response, I submitted “another” request for assistance on January 6, 2017. On January 11, 2017, I received the following: “I apologize for this. I am currently waiting for the keys to be created and sent. I will see what I can do and push the person in charge of this.”
    7. It is now (as of this writing) January 21, 2017. I have not heard back from support. I still do not have the items I paid for and I am beginning to believe I may never get them.


    • Is it fair that I gave Square Enix money for a product that they have failed to deliver in full?
    • Is it fair that I have been put through a cyclic headache for 2 months with no solution?
    • Is it fair that I am left with the feeling that my only recourse is to make this post in a public forum?


    • It is fair to believe that I am probably never going to receive the items I paid for.
    • It is fair to believe that I should never purchase another Square Enix product again.
    • It is fair to inform others of my experience so that they can prepare themselves for the nightmare that can befall them.

    Does Square Enix think that their future success is so assured that they can afford to treat their customers so poorly? The video game industry is extremely competitive and every company has a sword of Damocles hanging over it. All it takes is a little hubris, a little indifference to the needs of your customers, and a little lack of foresight and the horse hair breaks. In the interest of “fairness”, I will offer Square Enix one last piece of advice.. ..Duck!

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    I've had this problem not to long ago about a missing game out of my FFXV UCE. took them 2 months just to send the missing item to me. But I had to file claims with Paypal and file a complaint with the BBB before they would even reply to the hundredth email I sent them. Square customer service don't care about their fans anymore. You'd have better luck to file with the BBB,FTC,and FCC. A lot of people have done this and It's helped them get quick responses and actions from them. I ,myself, think this forum is dead. Their staff haven't answered any of the questions and all the mods have left a while back.

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    That happened to me, why would they send us to the Central Support Team if they are in charge of game accounts.

    Just now waiting for them to charge me Nier Automata Black Box Edition pre-ordered since December 14, and I dont know why their system keeps rejecting my card but S-E charges me the $0.50 for making the pre-order.

    Wonder why cant they accept flaws and telling you its your fault for the type of payment, all for them is the system system, and even tell me I should use another payment method, why would I do that, they should update of fis that system. Now it seems they dont reply any of my e-mails nor complains, then this is no customer support, customer support is supposed to be patiente with our demands, they ask us to give them all info if we change cards, if expiration is over, etc, and still no support.

    For now when system charges pe-orders it denies me my billing, and the problem is that is a pre-order for out of stock product, and it seems it only accepts me direct available purchases when system isnt taking them.

    Have re-entered in payment method and I've been charged.

    For more infor please check most recent post.