Hello. Sorry if I'm duplicating threads but I have a serious issue since a long time but now it's in the worst stage: when playing missions and contracts while in Online mode, the game constantly doesn't registers the objectives completed, I mean, if I kill a target NPC, the notification of the kind of kill executed (like Ballistic Kill along with Unnoticed Kill) don't show up at the the top right corner and checking the objectives and information menu shows like if the target was alive, I mean, without the Eliminated text confirming the demise. The only way I found of solving this was turning my Internet off and then turning it on and wait until I could reconnect with the servers again and once successful, the game starts to show all the notifications and the exits get avaible. This method isn't reliable and the result is often a blank score and the contract not being counted as completed (it shows an x on the top left like if I attempted it but didn't completed it in any way) along with my name not showing on the leaderboards. This problem started a long time ago but it wasn't as bad like it is now. The first instance of me having this problem was back when The Broker elusive target showed up and since then it has been constant but now it's unplayable in Online mode. I want to clarify that the game runs fine otherwise, with the Offline mode working perfectly with all the unlocks and the missions being completed normally and the exits being avaible per usual. I think this is a problem with the servers connection but my Internet works just fine and never had other issues related the game. This happens to me on Xbox One. I'm playing from Mexico. Thanks for any help.