Hey, just writing this cause I really enjoyed FFXV but felt there were a couple of lost opportunities that Square could cover in the DLCs. If anyone else has any input, include it in the thread. Hopefully Square reads these and considers it.

-Time Travel: So we can call Umbra to travel back in time to previous areas of the game. I feel like this has great potential, a la Chrono Trigger. Example being in that game, when you leave Robo to plant a forest and fast forward 1000 years to a forest. You could employ a similar mechanic that will allow you to access new parts of the map. (Grow a beanstalk or something). Which leads to my next point.
- Future Lucis: If we can affect things in the past to alter the present, then we should explore the world of ruin that is future Lucis. It was filled with high level enemies and seems like a good challenge. Maybe include a couple new dungeons, or new enemies in old dungeons, new hunts, demon slayer Iris, etc.
-Past Insomnia: I would really like to see Noctis's home before it gets rekt, or let us go to when the empire invaded and fight that huge monster in the beginning of the game. (I think it was diamond weapon)
-Airship: The airship in this game feels the most like an airplane than any other game, but sadly there's no point. You can just have Ignis fast travel everywhere. I would like to see new areas only accessible via Regalia Type-F. Example: Floating air fortress we must take down, and have a time limit to flee and it crashes. Or an island with new cities, dungeons, hunts, etc.
-Ardyn: Ardyn is, in my opinion, the best villain so far. He has qualities of Kefka (crazy, high ranking empire position, actually destroys world), Sephiroth (thank spanks your GF), Kuja (does it all to spite you) and Hecht (is related to you). I wanna know more about his story.
-The obvious: Lastly, I just wanna see how everyone got hurt. And that the whole "Prompto is an MT" thing was just kinda glanced over.

Again, that's just what I want, what do y'all think?